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Dec 12, 2004 12:42 PM

Good restaurants in Paris, France at a decent price

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I'm going to be in Paris, France from 16 Dec. through 2 Jan. and wonder if anyone has some good tips for some good restaurants at a somewhat decent price (around 25 or 30 Euros for dinner). Let me know and thanks for your help.

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  1. I was very fond of Le Pre Verre in the Latin Quarter, ~$25 menu iirc. I at therein the spring, there are a few more recent posts about this place on this board that I'd recommend looking over.

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      I am in right now, so perhaps you will get this, or not but my last 2 trips here i have loved Vin de Pyrenes, off of Rue St Antoine by Bastille 25 RueRue Beautreilles to be exact. Its small, feels local excellent food, friendly and resaonable. A great house sald with fois gras. Dinner for 2 with bottle of wine, apps, and dessert about $80

    2. POMZE, 109 bd Haussmann 75008 (metro Saint-Augustin), open every day from breakfast to 11 p.m. Telephone 01 42 65 65 83; <>. No doubt the best meal we had in Paris two months ago: ingenious recipes, meticulously prepared with superfresh ingredients, exquisitely presented. Servers are polyglot and know the kitchen intimately (ours was a sous-chef). The gimmick is that every dish has a hint or more of apple. An à la carte meal can run as high as $65 a person, but there is an excellent prix fixe menu.

      1. One of the best kept secrets on the Left Bank is Le Suffren, on the southwest corner of avenue de Suffren and avenue de La Motte Picquet (metro: La Motte Picquet Grenelle or Invalides). A brasserie serving a wide range of simple, copious plats and accompaniments as well as delicious desserts, at rock-bottom prices. Open 7/7, morning to late night.

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          This place used to be so much better five years ago. Now, it's just barely average.

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            Agreed, the cuisine is not haute, but for _very_ simple things, like salade niçoise, vin ordinaire, fruit tartes, it's offers a good ratio of price to value.

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              Interesting discussion but this post almost 2 years old. I am sure the OP had a nice visit and been back for awhile. There is a France board now if you want to post.

        2. Interesting discussion but this post almost 2 years old and no longer in the France board. I am sure the OP had a nice visit and been back for awhile.

          1. Doing as much research as possible will pay off (esp if you're including wine and tip in your price range)- until you find the same restaurants being repeatedly recommended (I guess that goes without saying). The # of places to eat in Paris is overwhelming to say the least, many can be just a common(i.e. disappointing) experience- & many can be just what you're looking for and more.

            Get a hold of a copy of The Bistros, Brasseries and Wine Bars of Paris by Daniel Young.

            In my limited experience I've found meals in Paris can be very reasonable when you consider, wine is less expensive compared to USA restaurants, service charge (tip) is usually about 10% (I imagine you've learned that the tip in European restaurants is usually included and only tip extra when the service is exceptional, as it was in my recommendation below), and prix fixe menus, which often include wine, are a good deal.

            I HIGHLY recommend:
            5, rue de la Bastille; 4th
            Tel: 01 42 72 87 82
            Métro: Bastille

            Don't let the name fool you, it is a great Parisian restaurant. May be above your price range but not necessarily by much, def a great value. They have a sister cafe across from the brasserie which is less expensive, but I haven't tried. Def go to the brasserie- to me it is a great all around dining experience that you want in Paris.

            Creperies and patisseries,for breakfast,lunch, are usually good deals and def French.