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Dec 7, 2004 12:15 PM

"Le Villaret" Paris?

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Does anyone have any input on the Paris restaurant called "Le Villaret"?
It has a very high food rating and very low price point on Zagat (not that that means anything) but there is no mention of it by any Chowhounds. Although, I may have just answered my own question! Oh well, I'd still like to hear a report.


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  1. Michelin 2004 which for me has always been -relatively- reliabele rates it with one (of 4 possible) forks. But the additional statment "can be seductive" or "seduce you" should definitely be worth, to give it a try. Could be a hidden gem. And very often the places not mentioned or low rated are on their way up.

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      I ate there many years ago and it was sublime
      I'm going back in march and hope to have a report when I return

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      Bill Strzempek

      It has been on my list to try for years since my two French sources give it thumbs up for its very warm welcome and genial atmosphere, and both mention its use of delectable or imaginative pairings of vegetables to main courses, such as roast leg of lamb w/ jerusalem artichokes, or rabbit with stuffed prunes. One source mentions the cheese course as being unexceptional, but supposedly they have a separate list of special wines that one should ask for. If you go, please report back!

      One warning: call ahead -- they close for 15 days each December.

      1. We were there in Feb, '06 and it was great. Like all places in Paris, people smoke. I cannot grok that at all...

        In any event, wonderful dinner and an amazing cheese course.

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          not anymore - a smoking ban has been in place since Jan 2008 - now you can eat and drink smoke free!

        2. Perhaps it hasn't been written up here because it is a little out of the way (hard to find street near Republique). Lebey and other guides love it. We went for lunch last year and liked the atmosphere - pleasant room and all French customers - but we both made the mistake of choosing the fixed lunch menu, which was not exciting. We shall return.

          1. I couldn't make it happen last month. They were closed until Jan. 9th over the holiday, and Atelier de JR took precedence. It's in the neighborhood, so we'll hit it next time.