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Nov 24, 2004 10:15 PM

Harbour Island/Eleuthera, The Bahamas

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Ahoy! Will be staying on Harbour Island for 10 days over Christmas...

Would love to get some eating an drinking recs from anyone who has been. Am aware of The Landing and The Rock House and that's about it... Wondering how essential reservations are? What the lunch options are? Etc.

Also open to day trip options on Eleuthera if worthwhile. Any other general feedback/advice on the Harbour Island experience would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Went last year and had a tremendously great time. Actually, the best beach vacation I have ever taken. Do keep in mind that although it is the beach, it is indeed somewhat formal. Restaurants may tell you that the dress is casual and then every gentleman is wearing a coat and usually a tie. Here are my faves: The Rock House of course for dinner or lunch and the Landing. Also, do not miss a lunch at Sip Sip which is fantastic. In addition, a night would not be complete without a dinner at Dunmore Club which is DEFINITELY coat and tie. It is very formal in a shabby chic kind of way. Expect Nantucket in the Caribbean. The food at Runaway Hill is also excellent. Don't miss a dinner there. And, a good lunch is served at Pink Sands Hotel right on the ocean. And, the trip would not be complete without a cheeseburger at Ma Ruby's.
    I hope you adore the place as much as I. Have fun!

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      Are some places in Harbor Island better or worse for a diner on her own?

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        Many of the restaurants are fairly "high end". At that rate, I'd consider many of them to be "better".