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Oct 14, 2004 02:49 PM

Great chow in Edinburgh, Scotland?

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Hi everyone! I'll be traveling to Edinburgh for a weekend next week, and am in desperate search for a few GREAT places to eat. Any suggestions? Here are a few limits though:

- since I'm a native New Yorker transplanted to London for a semester, I'm not that interested in "ethnic" foods, as I have a ready supply at home. But I am very interested in trying traditional Scottish fare, such as haggis.
- I'm a student and thus VERY POOR! I'd be looking for entrees no more than 10 pounds. The cheaper, the better.
- I'm staying at the Caledonian Backpackers Hostel in central Edinburgh, so anything accessible from there would be great.

I've searched through the first few pages of the International Boards in search of threads on places to eat in Edinburgh, but either the recs are a) way out of price range, or b) nonexistent (broken links). I'd go to the farmer's market, but I dont think it's open that weekend. So please help out a young chowhound! I'll report back if the places I try are worth mentioning! Thanks in advance!

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  1. I recently posted a list here of the Top 25 restaurants in Scotland, as rated by the critic of The Herald newspaper. I would encourage you to check out the website of The Herald ( They have a very comprehensive food/dining online database, that you can sort by region, city, price, etc. I am sure you could turn up some worthwhile recommendations there. If you ever get hungry for Italian food, be sure to check out Valvona & Crolla, in the northeast section of Edinburgh. It is one of the best Italian delis (they serve lunch as well) in Europe outside of Italy.

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      The address for Valvona & Crolla is 19 Elm Row. It is just off the road that goes from central Edinburgh to Leith.

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        Yeah, I've seen your list before, thanks! A lot of them were out of price range though. ANd I have checked the Herald and saw a couple things, but maybe I couldn't navigate the site very well.

    2. like anywhere else in the UK, it's hard to eat well for under 10 pounds if you want to stay away from curry/kabob/chip shops. Your best bet is to stay south of Princes street, near the Uni. The foods not as good or fancy (there are some lovely little places north of new town, but they are going to be more expensive), but it caters to university students so it will definitely be cheaper. Get deep fried mars bars- definitely cheap, very scottish, and so rich you won't want to eat anything else. (when I lived there a few yrs ago they were frying them in lard- just FYI in case you're a vegetarian.)

      1. Hendersons (behind Princes Street, on or near Frederick Street) is a very good & inexpensive veggie place. Howie's have two or three branches (most centrally in Victoria Street) and they do a very reasonable set-price lunch.

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          terrific, thanks a lot!