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Sep 25, 2004 03:16 PM


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Looking for some good places in budapest

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  1. Why don't you try the search function and type in Budapest. There are a number of discussions and some wonderful suggestions on this page alone--much less dozens if you'll take the time to go back a page or two. Searching before you post is usually a useful investment of time; there aren't a lot of major cities that aren't the subject of relatively frequent postings, and Budapest is no exception.

    Good luck.

    1. VERY GOOD AND CHEAP: One of my favourite little pubs is Szlovák Söröző (Slovakian and Hungarian cuisine although they don't have that many Slovakian dishes) Excellent food, cheap prices and NO tourists.. They've got a lovely Goulash, beansoup and their speciality is Sztrapacska (must try) and beautifully grilled meats. I was never disappointed here! -> Szlovák Söröző 1055 Budapest, Bihari János utca 17 Slovak Phone: 269-3108 Open: Mon.-Thurs., 11-01; Fri.-Sat., 11-02; Sun., 11-24 Transport: M3, Nyugati Pályaudvar

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        We tried the one above while we were in Budapest last week. What an adventure. Not knowing the city, we had a tough time finding it (we were on foot) - but met some interesting locals on the way. We'd had a hot drink at the Four Seasons just before (what a contrast!) and our waiter there showed us Szlovak Sorozo on the map. Thus we set out - and almost as soon as we left the 4 Seasons main drag were lost in a maze of name changing short side streets.
        A nice young British ex pat took pity on us and led us with her (an admitted longer but clearer way) to spot near the neighborhood. We ended up in front of a friendly Irish pub where we again asked for directions. These guys had never heard of the place but said it had to be virtually in back of them. Set forth again and at last found the SS. I

        We were definitely the only tourists in place. Waiter was extremely kind and patient with us. Gave us lots of good recs - though wish he'd have suggested sharing. We ended up with mountains of food - very good salads (sweet/sour cucumber and bibb lettuce) Two got beef stew affair which they liked and we two couldn't resist "the Transylvania Wooden plate for 2." It was a mountain of rice and good fried potatoes topped with breaded fried pork pieces, beef steak, and sausage "flowers" on top. Enormous. Naturally we ordered some Sztrapacska as well based on the above. Washed down with beer for some, and local red wine for others. Wished I'd had room for bean soup!

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          I'm glad you put all that effort in to find the place, sounds like you had a good meal! :)