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Sep 8, 2004 07:28 PM

Dining in Avignon

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Ok Chowhounds~we'll be in Avignon for two days (A Sunday and a Monday). We leave Tuesday afternoon for St Remy. Anyone know of some good places to eat that will be open? We looked at Christian Etienne and thought it might be too much(food not $). The Grand Cafe appears to be closed both Sunday and Monday. Has anyone eaten at La Fourchette? We've also been recommended Le Mirande at the hotel. We will have been in Paris for a week so will probably be wanting something fairly light or at least the option of same. Merci.

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    I can't imagine going to Avignon and *not* going to Christian Etienne. His food tends toward the light side, too, especially if you order a la carte.

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      On second thought, I think Etienne is closed Sunday and Monday. But I'd double check if I were you - if he's open you don't want to miss out.

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        Thank you..Christian Etienne is closed on Sunday and Monday. We had hoped for Le Grand Cafe which is closed as well. La Fourchette keeps showing up and L'isle Sonnante sounds pretty interesting. Our hotel had recommended both Hotel Europe and La Mirande. We return the end of October and I will report back.

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          I had the best meal of my 2003 trip to France at
          La Mirande. If it's open try to go there.

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        I second your recommendation of both Christian Etienne and La Mirande, which is a lovely hotel with an excellent restaurant.
        Many years ago Hiely Lucculus was a great restaurant. I have not been there since the original owner retired and it probably has gone downhill. Maybe some one else can comment on this.

      3. We have eaten at La Fourchette several times over a period of 20 or more years. In fact, we always return when we are in Avignon. It is not as formal as the others discussed but is a very comfortable bistro with delicious Provencal food.

        1. We actually have reservations next week at La Fourchette. Folks I know love it, but its closed Sat. and Sunday and booking is essential. Let me recommend two other places we tried last year. L'Epicerie at 10 Place St. Pierre is a great local restaurant, good food, fair prices and best of all the outside tables spill out in front of the medieval church. Dining there after dark is a magical experience. We also loved a tiny (8 tables) place called L'Isle Sonnante at 7 rue Racine. Run beautifully by a husband and wife term, the food is wonderful and the service terrific. I have also heard that the restaurant in the Hotel Europe is very fine. Have fun.

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            Had a excellent meal (food & service) at L'Isle Sonnante a few years ago. Ended with 5 desserts (they offered to let me try all 9 but I demurred).

          2. The OP is now nearly seven years old but heck, here are some pics (iPhone quality) of the menus at Christian Etienne, La Mirande, La Fourchette and L'Isle Sonnante taken today, March 28, 2011). All closed Mondays (today) except Fourchette which has a 32Euro menu. (Pictures in order: CE, LM, LF, LIS).