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Aug 27, 2004 04:56 PM

mailing food from Canada to the US

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I have a friend from Mi who's interested in the food items that we have that aren't available in the US... Things like coffee crisp, aero bars, and ketchup chips... Mainly junk food items such as chocolate bars and chips. Any idea if there's any laws against me mailing such things from Canada to the States? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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  1. i've received packaged food in the mail from friends in canada & the UK...i'm about 99% sure that as long as it IS packaged, it's ok. i remember someone telling me it was illegal to send fresh or home-made food INTO canada from the states, but packaged was fine.

    you could always ask at the post office just to be sure.

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      just as an aside...i noticed that lay's did a market test on ketchup chips in our small town in maryland...for a few weeks they were available in my grocery store, but i guess they bombed because i havne't seen 'em since.
      a canadian net friend of mine brought dill pickle chips to a (dog breed specific) get together in illinois a few years ago...those were very strange!

    2. While in Canada a friend mailed me BBQ corn chips, that's the other way around but I got them with no problem. I must say they were smashed by the time they got to me.

      1. Mailing food,tea,coffee etc from Canada or any other country into the USA requires a prior notice through the FDA. If you do not have one of these it will be sent back or destroyed.

        The alternative would be to lie on the customs form as to what is in the package and hope for the best.

        I mail tea all over the world from Canada and the USA is the only country which demands these measures.

        Oh well, what can you do, the price of doing business I guess.