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Nov 7, 2003 03:10 PM

Farallon and Sam's

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Will be going to Sam's for lunch and dinner at Farallon and wondering what I should have. I am from NYC, so local favorites that are done well at these 2 restaurants would be greatly appreciated. Clients chose these restaurants, so I will be going even if the verdict is that there are better alternatives. Thanks.

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  1. At Sam's you should get the sanddabs (a small Pacific flat fish) -- that's what they're known for.

    1. Farallon has a thing about IMO undercooking many of their seafood dishes and I'm not talking about seared ahi. Be sure to quiz your server about how things are prepared.

      1. If they have it the night you go, Farallon is known for
        their house-cured salmon roe.

        1. Farallon is know for its decor as much as its food. Be sure to take a walk thru the entire restaurant if you can and take the whole place in, especially the lighting fixtures.
          At Sam's, either go for the grilled sand dabs or go with one of the 4 or 5 specials of the day. Stick with what is fresh, grilled and simply prepared. Avoid anything served with a heavy sauce.