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Mar 8, 2004 02:40 AM

No Fresh Cream in Paris?

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It sounds like a joke, but I just moved here and the only creme liquide available seems the UHT (ultra haut temperature) version, clearly inferior to fresh cream. I visited not only supermarkets, but also 2 fromageries (on the versailles market) and was offered crème fraiche which is slightly sour and not what I want. Do French chefs really make ice cream with this? Actually, I am sure calabres will know the answer.


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  1. I was wondering about this myself: can you easily get sweet cream and sweet butter in France? (I've never been to France.) What do people use for dessert recipes?

    1. Ive never seen that, but I've never cooked in a Paris residence, only at LCB, where they definitely have fresh cream! Did you ask where you could get the real stuff?

      1. Another question: how does the crème fraîche in France compare to the crème fraîche in the US, for example, the cream made by the Vermont Butter & Cheese Company?

        And another question: what are the French words for sweet cream (as opposed to fermented crème fraîche) and for sour cream? Julia Child states that sweet cream is called crème fleurette. Crème fleurette is defined as 35% fat cream (i.e., whipping
        cream) here:
        Here fleurette is defined as liquid cream that has only been pasteurized:
        I suppose that means it hasn't been soured with bacteria, and that it's sweet cream.

        1. I bought creme fraiche at a specialty cheese and dairy shop in the 8th just a few days ago (I just asked for creme fraiche). It was in a big bowl (homemade and very fresh) next to the fresh chantilly cream and the fresh butter. Since it was so fresh the consistency was thinner compared to what we find in the US (I'm assuming since it sits in the container longer in our markets it firms up). The flavor was delicious. Same slightly sour bite we're used to but lighter and more smooth. If you need the thicker consistency for what you are cooking I might let it sit in a sieve or coffee filter for a few hours over a plate in the fridge to thicken it up.

          1. I've found creme fleurette at Champion if that's any help.