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Feb 24, 2004 09:55 AM

Shanghai restaurants

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Hello All,

My wife, Michele, uses this board frequently to find good restaurants when she travels. She speaks highly of it, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm going to Shanghai for several days next week. I'd like to find some good Chinese food that isn't too expensive -- and not too wierd. I like just about any kind of food that I can find here, but I'm a bit leery about what I might get at an authentic Chinese restaurant. (My dad, who is less adventuresome than me, has been to China and says they serve some wierd, unrecognizable stuff.)
Also looking for good restaurants serving any other type of cuisine.
Thanks for any advice.

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  1. If you get this in time make sure you go to Huang He Lu (litterally Yellow River Road). Its a two-block long stretch of road near the Bund that contains an unbelievable array of restaurants. For some reason it never appears in the guide books, but the food is great and incredibly inexpensive. Its also very approachable, most places have English menus. And don't be put off by the glitzy appearance, there are so many restaurants on this block that competition is fierce and even the fanciest looking restaurant is fairly priced.
    You should also check out Xin Tian Di. This is the hot new street that everyone likes to talk about. Its definitely not what most people expect in China, but neither are the prices.

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      hummm. I say if you want authentic Chinese, eat like the Chinese do... either on the street or in a local joint. Live a little, the "unidentifiable" stuff can be really good (ah, most of the time.)

    2. hi, i like cheese and i cant do anything about it

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        Best cheese in town is at Cheese and Fizz on Madang Lu at Xintiandi. Nice selection of fresh French cheeses and fine wines.

      2. There is a great Chinese restaurant in The Westin Hotel called EEST, tucked away on the 5th floor which serves Thai, Japanese and Chinese food. Sake selection is pretty good and the sashimi super fresh.
        We were 6 people and sat in a private dining room. Service was very attentive. I do recommend.