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Feb 10, 2004 10:25 AM


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In preparation for an upcoming trip I have solicited recommendations for Amsterdam restaurants. The following have been recommended more than once (either here or by other resources):
Balthazar; De Kas; Tempo Doeloe; Bordewijk; Bern; Segugio; SSK; Blau Aan de Wal; D'Vijff Vlieghen; Blue Pepper
Given that I only have 5 dinners to plan, any advice based on recent experience would be greatly appreciated.
Also It Rains Fishes has been recommended during my stay at The Hague. Has anyone eaten there recently and if so what was the experience?

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  1. A restaurant guide that I found really useful


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    1. re: Dynamo

      Thanks. I actually had checked that site although I did not know if it was reliable.

    2. It rains fishes is good, a lot of people love it, including my girlfriend, I just wasn't that impressed. If you are in the Hague I'd strongly recommend other restaurants.

      My favourite site reviewing Dutch restaurants is If you go to the site you can click on the english flag at the bottom to view it in English. I love their casual reviewing style which also takes atmosphere into account.

      1. I used to like the specialbite website. However, they've changed the format and removed user reviews. These were much more informative than the "professional" specialbite reviews.

        1. Hi! I leave for Amsterdam tomorrow and after a bunch of research my dinner plan is;
          Wed - De Kas
          Thurs - Tempo Doeloe
          Friday - Envy
          Saturday - Marius (run by two former Chez Panisse chefs)

          I'll make sure to report back on all of them!

          1. Special bite still has customer reviews. Just select "Your Opinion" at the bottom of the review.