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Jan 6, 2004 02:16 PM

Oslo Restaurants

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Heading to Oslo and seeking recommendations for any musts!!!! I hear its insanely expensive so looking for both must-do's regardless of cost - and also some great bang-for-your buck suggestions.
Any shopping or museum recs are welcome too!

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  1. Just a reminder to keep the recommendations here focused on good chow in Oslo. Shopping and museum recommendations are off topic for this board. It's nothing personal, we just want to keep this board focused on great chow. Thanks!

    1. Just to get you started, there have been a few threads here in the past that you can access through the search engine on If you type in "Oslo" you'll get a few links, including the one below.


      1. The one must with regards to price is Bagatelle. Call in advance and see if the foie gras nuggets in beet root will be on the menu. If not, as if they can prepare them special, they usually appear in a salad and are to die for. As the wine stewardess to recommend wines by the glass. Usually both cheaper and and better than trying to go at the wine list yourself.

        If you want great wines by the bottle Le Canard is the place. Amazing wine list that competes with the best 3 stars in France at prices that are lower than the 3 stars in France, especially with the strong Euro and weak Krone in Norway

        1. Dinner suggestions on this board tends to focus on "Aker brygge". Being a local, this is considered a tourist trap.

          try these places:
          Theatercafeen at Hotel Continental. The place to be in Oslo, just opposite the National Theatre, popular with the artist-, actor- and finance crowd. Always fully booked, and great for open sandwiches - lunch. Reservation for dinner is essential.

          Bagatelle - the best restaurant in Oslo, two star, great food and wine.

          Alex sushi - best in Scandinavia.

          Oslo spiseforretning - east end of town

          Palace grill - amazing food - but no table reservation - be there at six.

          Statholdergaarden - beautiful upscale dining.

          For less expensive meals try
          Restaurant Victor
          Restaurant Eik
          Palace reserva

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            I was in Oslo in November 2007 and took a friend to Alex Sushi for his birthday. amazing place, on par with some of the best I've had in Japan. the chef's special included whale which was quite a surprise, I'm not endorsing the consumption of whale but it is a unique experience for an American. plus anything in Norway is expensive so might as well step it up and spend a little more for something great!

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