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Dec 30, 2003 07:49 AM

TETSUYA'S in Sydney - what's the trick to getting a reservation?

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We will be in Sydney in July and I've managed to convince hubby this is a good way to spend our hard earned $. Hubby is in Sydney now and has been trying to call to see how far in advance we'd need to make the reservation but can't get through. I'm starting to wonder if TETSUYA'S is Sydney's French Laundry!

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  1. It's not like French Laundry. Consider calling at different times, noting the applicable time difference.

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    1. re: cabrales

      Cabrales, maybe the husband has noted the applicable time difference as he is in Sydney.

      1. re: Alex R.

        Sounds like bad luck. I never had trouble reaching Tetsuya by phone. Persist. I got a reservation there with about three week's notice, and the restaurant was not full.

    2. I sent them a fax with my date and time request and they were able to accomodate. I found their fax number in my guidebook.

        1. re: Joe H.

          Thanks very much, I was having trouble locating an email address or fax. Happy New Year.

        2. The original comment has been removed