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Sep 6, 2003 06:51 AM

Search for mystery restaurant in Lyon - can you help?

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In 1998 my wife and I went for a weekend in Lyon for our anniversary and found ourselves eating at a little modern French place with the unpromising name "Planet Happy Friends Family". I know, I know, what were we thinking?... But it was the only place we could get into, and imagine our surprise when it turned out to be without doubt the best restaurant meal we've ever had. Astonishing mullet salad, beautiful deep-fried boudin noir that I can still taste now, a chocolate dessert so complicated that it didn't have a name and the entire kitchen staff came out to coach us on how to eat it... it was just genius.

I want to take the missus back there for our anniversary this year, but can find no evidence of Planet Happy Friends Family on the Internet (and I'm loathe to risk a flight/hotel in case it has disappeared).

All I can recall about the location is that it was in the pedestrianised area of Old Lyon, somewhere north of Cathedrale St-Jean and maybe a couple of streets west of the river.

If anyone on this board is in Lyon, is going there or has been and has spotted PHFF, can you let me know, and pass on some contact information? It really was a great place and we would love to go again. Many thanks for any help you can give.


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    Melanie Wong

    Here's a link to a happy customer's review (in French) from 3 years ago. It mentions the street as Rue du Bouef in the Rue St Jean area, I think. So, it was still in business as of that time. Perhaps someone can direct you to how to look this up in a French online phone directory.


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      I'm surprised at you Melanie. The link to les Pages Jaunes' interactive website is right here on Chowhound, on the "Other Chowish Sites" page. All Nndroid has to do is to type in "Planet Happpy Friends Family" under "Business" and "Lyon" under "Town" and he will get an address, phone number, map and photos of the place.

      But why does "Planet Happy Friends Family" sound like a menu item at an organic vegetarian Chinese restuarant?

        1. re: Gary Soup

          Many thanks, all!

          I now have all the numbers and addresses I could wish for, and will report back on whether PHFF is still as great as it was in 1999.

          best wishes


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        Grog- LA, CA.

        What must be across the street is the restaurant that we loved while in Lyon last June '02. LES ADRETS: 30, rue du Bœuf 69005 Lyon, Tel: 04 78 38 24 30 (menus for 20-40 euros-reserv essential). This is in the very popular Vieux Lyon area. Just down the street is the terrific, if not minuscule "Flying Sommelier" wine shop and fancy hotel Les Cour des Loge .

      2. I live in Lyon and Planet Happy Friends Family is hands down my favorite restaurant ever. They have a website at
        Their address is 29 rue du Boeuf 69005 and telephone is

        1. it's still there. you will find all the info following this link.

          1. All this is wonderful. Lyonnais friend, who like me works in NGOs and alternative stuff, took me to a restaurant associatif run by anarchists. I was in deep fear of overcooked brown rice and nasty vegan sides, but in Lyon it was a typical bouchon-style meal with lots of carafes of local wines....