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Oct 27, 2003 09:50 PM

La Tur

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As a cheese addict who has been on the wagon, it's been awhile since I just gave myself up in the cheese section and bought some hunks o' cheese. I decided to treat myself after a couple trying weeks of parent conferences and bought 2 cheeses I'd never tried before.

One was a 4 year old gouda, which was nice, but didn't blow my socks off.

The one I fell for was La Tur, which isn't astounding as far as a complex taste or anything, but I just loved the creamy, slightly gooey, slightly cheesecake like texture. I couldn't stop wolfing it down. Bought another one today during lunch and ate half of it myself. Yum.

A description from igourmet:

La Tur is a speciality of the Alta Lange region of Italy. The cheese is straw-coloured with a soft surface and a delicate and harmonious flavor. La Tur is handmade in a traditional manner. After the pasteurization, which takes place at the lowest temperatures allowed by law, the milk is poured into special ripening cells where locally produced ferments and rennet are added. Then the curd is poured in moulds and left to drip. The curd is aged for only 15 days, then air-shipped acros the Atlantic to igourmet. Very fresh cheeses like La Tur are extremely hard to find in America.

Made from a blend of pasteurized cow, goat & sheepÂ’s milk
Weight: 6 ounces

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    1. Where did you buy it?

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      1. re: Maya

        I bought one at Mollie Stone's in Corte Madera and one at Woodland's in Kentfield.

        1. re: babyfork

          You can buy it at Berkeley Bowl, really any store with a good cheese department. A couple of years ago Sigona's on the Peninsula had it on special for the month of December for $2.99. Since it usually sells in the $15-$18 ea. range, that was such a steal my sister and I (and some other chowhounds) stocked up and pigged out.

        2. re: Maya

          The Milk Pail in Mountain View currently has the small rounds of La Tur for $3.99, in the special-price case across from the left-side cash registers. I think this is the 6 oz size -- including the plastic tub, it weighs 8 oz.

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          1. a friend recommended it to me and i saw it at the local whole foods.
            when i started chatting with the person behind the counter, i mentioned that it was unfortunate it only came in the $15ish medallion size.
            he very sweetly comped it!
            it was absolutely delicious, and i will never forget the generosity or the taste.

            1. This post on the SF Bay Area board for finding a deal on La Tur at one of our local supermarkets reminded me that I should post about this cheese.

              La Tur is a Robiola Piemontese, one of the categories of cheese that jpr54_1 expressed an interest in learning more about. It's available in many outlets and would be a good place to start.

              A half-round was left behind in my fridge which gave me a chance to try it again a couple weeks ago. What's lovely about this cheese to me is that it has so much personality for a young, fresh cheese due to the three milks and the soft ripening. That gives it pretty good keeping quality too, and it's enjoyable as it gets older.

              For New Year's Eve 2011, I brought two cheese and wine pairings to a small dinner party. One was La Tur matched with a Blanc de Blanc champagne. There's something about the bright green apple snap and yeasty bread dough of blanc de blanc that wraps it around this cheese so beautifully. Magic.