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Jul 12, 2003 04:21 PM

Greycliff Restaurant in the Bahamas

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I ate there years ago and it wonderful, will be going to the Bahamas in Jan. Is it still as good? Anyone have a suggestion for a restaurant in Nausau with a private room?

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  1. Greycliff, W. Hill St. Follow the limosines to this restaurant, Just up the hill (4 blocks) from the British Colonial Hilton. I would say the cuisine is continental using Bahamian products. For instance, my pheasant w/Eleuthera grown pineapple was delicious. The lobster dishes have been great both times we've been. They have 175,000 bottles of wine. I was "disappointed" when they were out of my favorite $3000 bottle of wine (the waiter thought I was serious), I settled for a $50 bottle. They also sell many, many types of Cuban cigars (including a house made cigar (good)), a very nice way to end the evening on our walk back down to the Hilton. Greycliff is a mansion where you will sit in a waiting room w/your drink. Wait staff is all in Tux's. We liked the open air balcony seating on the 2nd floor.

    Sun And.....,(thats the name of it) Lake View Road. You'll need a cab/car for this one, but it has been around for MANY years. My mom/dad honeymooned on New Providence and ate here 40 years ago. Seafood is always good. I usually go w/a duck or veal chop dish which are teriffic. Sun and.... is like a single level home. You enter an open Spanish style courtyard w/pool. Unless you are sure of the weather, ask for a table underneath the roofed section (still open-air but secluded more from the wind/rain).

    Just across from the British Colonial Hilton is a great restaurant for a cheap lunch or dinner. Conch Fritters is the name. They serve a great scorched conch. The conch is not really scorched, in fact it is not cooked at all, just marinated in some lime juice and a small amount of chili paste (AWESOME w/a cold beer!). The jerk chicken and seafood dishes were very good as well as the curry ones.

    Also accros the street from the Hilton and next to Conch Fritters is the "imperial" which is open 23 hours every day. did not find out what hour they close. Had a terrific "cracked" (fried) conch. Also had a dish called a "chilled chicken gyro", it is neither chilled or of gyro meat, the sandwich is actually a hot, grilled chicken breast sliced up and placed on a pita bread. Both eats were $5 apiece.

    Went to a place called the "Fish Fry". The fish fry is about a mile west of Nassau. Ask any cab driver and they will know where it is. The fish fry is made up of 15-18 different shacks (some very nice, some not so nice) all next to each other. dishes vary by shack, some have menus, some just have two or three items written on a piece of paper or chalkboard. Some of the better known ones are "twin Brothers" "Goldies" "Big 10". We ate dinner at twin Brothers. Had the grilled conch, which again is not what you would think. It was conch that was very lightly fried, then baked in foil w/sweet potatoes, onions, peppers and yucca. AWESOME!!!! especially w/ a cold local beer called Kalik.
    All for $7.
    also tried one of the "no-name" shacks that had only two items written on a chalkboard. Ate the grilled Nassau grouper, which was this time actually grilled. terrific and FRESH for $5.
    The fish fry is 85% locals and only 15% tourists if that matters to you.

    Now for a higher end restaurant. We dined on Paradise Island, which is the same island that the Atlantis resort is on. Paradise Island is connected to New Provdence island by a toll bridge. We ate at the Colubus Tavern, on Paradise Island Drive, but is about 1 mile east of the Atlantis, Sheraton, Comfort Suites.
    Good food, Open air Marina setting. We all had the Lobster salad, but the table next to us had the grouper w/a lobster sauce and stated they liked it alot. Most dinners were in the 16-24 range. Typical hot/cold island service. After dinner here, it is a nice, quiet 1 mile walk to the Atlantis. We won $200 at craps so it turned out to be a terrific night.

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      Glad to hear that Grey Cliff is still wonderful. I can remember being awed at some of those wine prices. Is the Ocean Club still good?