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May 4, 2003 07:45 PM

La Souffle vs. Lescure in Paris

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Which of these two restaurants in the 1st eme in Paris would you recommend. We are a family of 4, with two teens, looking for good food at a restaurant with good value. Thank you!

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  1. Both are good; Souffle is more expensive, by 10e per person or so, but the quality is also much higher. The three course,prix-fixe, all souffle meal could be a special treat to try. At Lescure you can eat outside and it is more informal. Some reviews have used the word "reheated" when mentioning Lescure. Between the two restaurants, on rue Cambon, is Brasserie Flottes which offers low prices and quality food. Their sandwiches (croques) are particularily well done. They also have several tables outside. JP

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      Thank you for your reply. We will check out Brasserie Flottes. Do you have any other suggestions for lower priced, good restaurants in Paris? We are staying near the Rue Cler in the 7th eme. Thanks! Laurie

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        The "Best Buy" in the 7th is unquestionably at Le Bistrot du 7eme, just across the street from the bd de Latour-Maubourg metro station. It's at #56 bd L.T.M. The three course, prix-fixe meal has lots of choices for only 17e. Great duck confit and Trout! This a popular local's spot so it pays to reserve. 01 45 51 93 08, closed for lunch Sat. & Sun. JP

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          Thanks for the information about Le Bistot du 7e. This restaurant was on my list to try so it is nice to know what some of the specialties are. Do you have any other recommendations for good, inexpensive restaurants nearby in the 7th eme? Thanks again! Laurie

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            Le Mandarin de la Tour Maubourg, at 23 B.L.T.M, has always been a favorite; try the Pate Imperial(spring rolls wrapped in lettuce). Head waiter Jean Pierre speaks english well. One warning, they have been considering the sale of the restaurant for several years now. Le Sancerre, 22 ave Rapp, offers good, simple fare in a wine bar atmosphere. Across the street from the Bistrot du 7eme is a corner cafe(name?) that has decent food for cheap. Friendly staff as well.

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        JP, have you been to Les Flottes quite recently and, if so, can you tell me if they have aligot (the creamy, sticky potato, cheese and garlic concoction from the Auvergne to which I have become a dedicated addict) on their menu at all times or is it only a periodic special?

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          We were last at Brasserie Flottes in November, 2002. Usually we stay at Hotel Cambon, a ****, right across the street, so Flottes tends to an easy choice when the feet are sore! The Aligot is available every day, lunch or dinner. It comes with the duck confit and one other dish or you can order it as a side dish. (At some other Paris restaurants Aligot is only offered one day a week). Flottes was recently updated with new paint etc. JP

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            Then Brasserie Flottes is my pick. Thanks for the update. You've made one aligot addict very happy indeed. Can't wait to get there. Only 5 more wake ups.

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            I"m pretty sure that Ambassade d'Auvergne serves Pommes Aligot every day. The waiters stretch it long out of a copper pot in the dining room.

            Great Potatoes...pretty good food and a damn memorable warm lentil salad!

        2. Last year we ate most of our meals at Lescure...we really like greasy, crispy duck confit served on a pile of potatoes and cabbage sauteed in duck fat. Now if we can only get those old arteries cleaned out...

          1. Lescure is my favourite Restaurant in Paris, even ahead of L'Espadon at the Ritz!

            The food is excellent, the business has been in the same family for generations and they remember clients when they return for a meal years after they have left Paris. The room is cramped and you need a sense of humour, as the waiters play practical jokes on patrons they know well - ask my daughter!

            Bon appetit!