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Feb 25, 2003 06:43 PM

Chinese Restaurant off Champs Elysee and dim sum

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Found a marvelous Chinese restaurant off the Champs Elysee in Paris in December, 1999......but when I returned last November, I couldn't find it. If headed toward the Arch de Triomphe, it is on a street to the right. Once on that street, the restaurant is on the left. We had a wonderful meal there and I'd love to find it again during a trip coming up the first week of April. Ah, April in Paris. Also, any 'hounds know of good dim sum to be had in the City of Light? Would appreciate any recommendations offered.

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  1. Just head out to the Belleville district, 15 minutes walk due east of Place de Republique. Walk uphill, it's full of Dim Sum places big and small (cuisine vapeur). I had a couple of lunches there last month - some of the best noodle soups I ever had, and I am a fanatic for Chinese noodle soups.