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Dec 26, 2002 08:22 AM


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  1. You might need to bare with me because the names of some of the restaurants might have slipped a little but I will give it a try.
    First thing you need to know is that Cabo can get very exp when it comes to food. A moderatley priced restaurant in Cabo would be somewhere in the $25 for an entree range.
    For upper moderate
    Ediths (pronounced edeets) is just above "the office"(Bar/rest) near playa medano (the main beach. They serve mostly fish/lobster dishes and steaks. The atmosphere is wonderful and the food is very good. The have a huge grill right when you walk in outside that is a raoring blaze. The make ceasar's sald table side. When it is cold the wait staff will get you a blanket. For drink I recommend a shot of tequila with sangrita chaser.
    Lower moderate
    Mi Casa
    Micasa is a little further in town near the town square (that isn't its officail name but that's how I call it). This restaurant has a great outside dinning area that puts you in the mood for great food. I had what is one of my all time favorite steaks there one night. It is part of the Tampiquena plate which includes an incredibly tasty skirt steak and an enchilada. The carnitas are also very good. Other very good dishes are mole pollo, chiles en nogada, roasted pork in bannana leaves (I forget the real name).
    The tortilla's come in 2 different ways. First is a big thick corn tortilla that is more like a bread and then with your meal you get a nice fresh thin corn tortilla.
    Gardenia's is a taco place kind of behind the Mcdonalds that is on the eastern side the city. f you are driving from the corridor you would go towards town and take a left at the McDonald's. It will be just a little ways on the right side of the road. The fish tacos are out of this world. You get a tray of condiments to dress your taco any way you want. The tacos al pastor are also very good. I think a taco runs a buck or so. This place is not to be missed.

    Crazy lobster
    it is pretty close to mi casa. Its easy to find. Lobster and fish dishes are whats good to get here. They also have an absurdly cheap breakfast. Cleanest cabo bathroom.

    In San Jose there are two places I liked, one I think I remember the name and the other I forget.
    The one I remember is a fish taco joint called Rossi's? If you are comming form the corridor it is on the left side of the road at an intercection. Their fish tacos were just as good as Gardenia's. They have a condiment bar which looks very good but it sits in the middle of the dinning room. It is chilled but I just community food in general, but I had to have the stuff that was in there. Try it with the cole slaw or the Mexican salso or with mayo. Very good.

    The other place was a small joint that was outside with a tent with dirt floors. They serve a good snapper at a good price. The bathroom was one of the cleanest in cabo. If I can remember the name I will post.

    I also went to a restaurant on the beach just east of the Melia resort complex. The food was good but the prices were extraordinary for what you get. I would skip thwe food at most oceanside places and just have a drink instead.
    There is also an Italian rest that is on a hill on the ocean that offers a great sunset view. Go early grab a seat and order a drink and relax. Great place to watch a sunset. This place is on the western edge of the corridor.

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      thanks for the suggestions


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        Get thee to Todos Santos. Go to Los Adobes first. Eat anything - everything - it is all estupendo. Stay a few days - go to Miguel's and have Chili Rellenos. Go to Mi Costa and have garlic shrimp. Go to Fonda El Zaguan and have just about anything. You could even go to Cafe Santa Fe if you want pricey Italian food. Of course, even they don't come close to the Cabo prices. Why stay in Cabo any longer than it takes to get thru on your way to Todos Santos!!

        1. re: Maryann

          Todos might end up like cabo one day if people keep telling people to go their.=)

          1. re: John Scar

            You are absolutely correct. My husband just said the same thing. New York time's article - even one in the Toronto Star. My NY's resolution is to keep quiet about Todos!! Thank you.

            1. re: Maryann

              I'm glad you told me before your New Years resolution. I won't tell anyone either..:) Maryann recommended me to check out Todos a few weeks ago and we loved it.

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                For all those who helped, thanks
                We had a lovely dinner at Edith's(Escellent seabass vera cruz, quesadillas with mushrooms, really good cesar salad), and a teriffice lunch at Mi Casa. We were guests at Esperanza, the new resort owned by Auberge Du Soliel in Napa. Both there formal restaurant and Palapa bar(fresh grilled fish) were outstanding. If you are looking for something beatuiful and relaxing, I strongly recommend it.

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        Cesar's is the name of the place I couldn't think of in San Jose. From Cabo it's the first stop light just before san jose. Turn right, go about 1/2-3/4 of mile and its on the right. Very good guacamole.
        Tequila's is also good in San Jose.
        San Jose is a charming more laid back town.

        1. re: John Scar

          I live in Cabo, and can tell you categorically that the best restaurants are never on the tourist map, which is a strong positive. So here's the insider's guide to amazing dining in Cabo.

          For the best steak outside of Peter Luger's in NY, or the best places in Buenos Aires, you have to go to Patagonia. Astoundingly good strip filet called Lomo. Brilliant skirt steaks an inch and a half thick called Entrana. Cut them with a fork, and get them medium rare to medium. Also, the empanadas are to die for, as is the mixed grill for more than two people. Ask the owner, Javier, for a suggestion to pair wine - he has quite good Malbecs you have never even heard of. Serious food in a relaxed, downscale atmosphere. It's all about the beef here.

          For brilliant homestyle italian, Salvatore's is the only place. Lasagna the size of your head. Risotto to die for. Can't go wrong with Salvatore's.

          For astoundingly good mediterranean style italian, Acarabea at the old Cabo bus station has the best bruschetta outside of italy, and incredible pastas and fish dishes. Stunning pesto, innovative twists like fish filet dusted in pesto over a bed of gorgonzola pasta...seats maybe 15 at plastic tables, you know something is different as the owner is in a full chef's outfit including the tall hat. Very, very serious food here.

          Best fish and seafood is Mariscos Mazatlan. Bar none.

          Pancho's cadillac margarita on the rocks with 1800 will bury you, and worth every penny.

          Anthony's on the waterfront has one dish that is a must - Hang Beef. Strips of arachera steak hooked onto a braiser filled with coal, and 6 dipping sauces. Amazing.

          There are more, but if you eat at these places you won't be looking for any more. Have fun in town, and avoid anyplace on the marina or main drags.

          1. re: todotranquilo

            My son is getting married in Cabo San Lucas in June. He and his fiancée read an article about Patagonia Restaurant and were interested in arranging a dinner there for the people who will be attending the wedding. Because I am from Argentina, I e-mailed them twice, and even though they acknowledged my e-mail, they have not responded with a meal package to accommodate our group. I am pretty disappointed and wonder why they would not respond if they are such a good outfit. Do you have any thoughts?

            1. re: lfpeterson

              I can't give any explanation as to why the owner hasn't responded.

              I will tell you that I had 3 great meals there last month and the owner was always there.

              1. re: 9lives

                Thanks. I finally heard back from them. We are planning a dinner at Patagonia's the night of my son's wedding, and they came up with a great menu. We need to find a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. Can you suggest a restaurant with good Mexican food?

                1. re: lfpeterson

                  Try La Fonda on Hildago, the food is authentic and great

                  1. re: gailelyson

                    We really enjoy La Fonda and second this rec. If you like it, they do a great bone marrow dish.

                    Patagonia does great sweetbreads..if you like them, see if they can work it in to the menu.

                    Congratulations! You'll enjoy both restaurants.

        2. I've been to Cabo each December for the last 10 years. Just got home last night. I've linked to my post from last year where I recommended some places. Few updates...El Mangle is closed and is being remodeled. The birria stand near the airport is closed but there is a seafood place maybe 200 yards from the airport..on our return flight, we checked our luggage and walked over. Mocambo has returned to excellence..I still prefer Marisco Mazatlan. Mi Casa is a beautiful place..gets a lot of Americans. I really want to love the place but unfortunately have been disappointed a few times..most people love it so maybe I've just had bad luck..the owners also own a place Mole a Mio..sort of nouveau Mexican..nice style and smaller type place..excellent. These places are all in town. Very easy if you're in town...a cab ride from the big hotels on the corridor. There are 3 places on Medano Beach right next to each other..Billygans, the Office and Mango Deck..pretty comparable but I prefer Mango Deck..lay on a chaise lounge and have them set up a table when you're ready to eat..happy hour 2 for 1 starts about 9am..Lunch costs a little more than the small places inland; but you can spend the day on the beach. If you like carnitas, don't miss El 8am til about 3pm..pork only.

          I took Maryann's advice and spent a few days in Todos Santos..loved the trip, we'll spend more time hour's drive and a million miles from Cabo..:)



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            torta basilica

            We were just there for a day off a cruise ship last week. Took a taxi to San Jose del Cabo - had been there before & MUCH nicer than Cabo. Had dinner previously at Damiana's (sp?) & was excellent & romantic. Had lunch there again this trip & was still great. Get out of Cabo... I am bummed - my family decided it was too expensive to rent cab to Todos Santos - boo hoo! But San Jose was still great & a pretty & short drive.