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Yoplait's Saveur d'Autrefois in Paris and other queries

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I am looking for sources in Paris for a yogurt called Saveur d'Autrefois, made by Yoplait.

I discovered it on a morning train from Paris to Amsterdam last week (because a pain au chocolat and hot chocolat just isn't enough for breakfast). The yogurt comes in a stoneware pot, and was the richest yogurt I ever tasted. You could really taste the cream...

But I digress. My partner loved the pot so much that he kept his, but I stupidly threw mine away. A friend of mine who is going to Paris soon offered to bring me back a pot (after she eats the yogurt), but I can't seem to find the yogurt on the Yoplait website. I would like to make my friend's life easier by telling her where to go.

While I'm at it, does anyone know where whether I can find this yogurt in the U.S.? Or another dairy product that my friend and I had in Europe: Dutch vla. It's like drinkable pudding.


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  1. Have you tried petit suisse? It's really good.

    1. Hmmm...a stoneware pot? We have not seen them at the regular grocery stores - Franprix, Shopi, etc. - but will look for them now.

      My sister - who's much more the shopper in the family than I am - thinks they might have them at Monoprix and promises to check the next time she's there - probably this coming weekend.

      I'll also check our cheese shop downstairs as well.

      Thanks for the tip. We love yogurt - as do the French.

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        Found it! At the G20 in the 7th on rue St. Dominique between Bourdonnais and Bosquet! Plain and vanilla!

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        Heidi Claire

        Here it is.......it is so cute!

        Link: http://www.sodirestauration.fr/descri...

        1. You can find them at Dean and Deluca.

          1. i was on a bit of a quest to find dutch vla myself tonight, and i have found it!


            1. I stayed in a hotel in the 7th that served that yogurt every morning with Petit dejeuner. The hotel was right around the corner from St Dominque near Avenue Mott Picquet, and the owner said she bought her crossiants and yogurt locally.