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Aug 26, 2002 10:48 AM

vietnamese in paris?

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I've done a search but didn't come up with anything useful. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good Vietnamese (not chinese) restaurant in Paris?

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  1. Try Co Ba Saigon, 181 r. Fg. St-Honore, prix-fixe @ 15E. A few blocks from the Geo. V metro station.

    1. Tan Dinh, 60 rue de Verneuil is a one star per Michelin.

      1. This is not really a response to your question, but you may be interested to know that Friday Aug. 30 at 9:45 am on France 5 there is a documentary on "Chinatown-sur-Seine" (the last in a series showing all week on France's ethnic communities).

        1. we have always had very good meals at Kim Ahn in the 15th; and now that they've moved into more spacious quarters the service and overall experience is nicer