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Jul 22, 2002 04:15 PM

Edinburgh Eats

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We found a mega cheap flight to Edinburgh from Stansted (£1.75, but a bit more to come back) Can anyone reccommend any restaurants that won't break the bank but are good eating and good value

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  1. I suggest you do a review of the prior postings on this site. There have been several discussions on eating in Edinburgh over the past several months. I am sure you will find some of them helpful.

    1. We just spent 3 days there and didn't have much luck with food until we hit the Orkney Islands. We did hit a good cheese shop just off the royal mile (can't remember the name) and took some up Arthur's Seat for a great time.

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        No wild Scottish Salmon?

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          Plenty of it in Orkney and other areas, but we had a run of bad luck in Edinburgh. Honestly I don't remember where we ate, except for a place dives on the Royal Mile because we were famished. At least I refused to eat at the Filling Station.

          I owe the board a post about both Scotland and Paris.

          I did just remember a place out in Leith near the Firth...a great little pub. I'll have to dig out my notes at home and post the place. It was really, really good. Just too long ago.

        2. re: Tater

          Cheese shop is Ian Mellis on Victoria Street (branch in Bruntsfield neighbourhood and on in Glasgow too). Excellent stuff.

        3. In 1997, went to a good place called The Witchery. Have no idea if it's still there. It's in an old building, w/big candelabras, etc. Lunch would probably be a better bet, pricewise, than dinner. Good luck!!