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Jun 10, 2002 04:05 PM

Sailing around Grenada

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I will be sailing around the Grenadines this July. Has anyone cruised in this area and have any tips as to where is essential to eat?

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  1. We sailed last year with our children so couldn't soak up the local cuisine (since it's not chicken nuggets and pizza). Bequia had a good amount of restaurants. What I will recommend is stay away from Basils on Mustique, overrated and over priced. We got the feeling that boaters were not treated the same as the island vacationers. If you're going in the summer it will be off season and your selection will be less. We're going back end of May and will have a better report for you since it will be three couples without kids.

    1. I was in the Grenadines and saw 11 islands in 7 was a whirlwind. We dined in fancy resorts and didn't have a chance to try to local cuisines. I did love Mac's Pizza in Bequia.

      1. Mac's Pizza, Mac's Pizza, Mac's Pizza!!!!! They have the best breakfast (never ate the pizza lol!!!) with guava jelly. Oh yummy yummy!!!!

        1. The French Restuarant on St. Vincent, the Hummingbird on St. lucia (Soufriere), Sunset Grill on Palm Island, the (only) restaurant on PSV, most everywhere on Bequia, and so on. Maybe the most memorable meal was grilling lobsters on the stern while anchored at Tobago Cays. Recommend drinks at Salt Whistle Bay. Basil's is ok for a drink but try the Firefly for decent food on Mustique. The tiny bar/restaurant at Wallilabou is a major hoot if rustic is your thing.

          1. Second Salt Whistle Bay..this little outpost is a gem. The water clarity all around the Tobago Cays is incredible...I had lunch at Palm..that island is incredible.

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              Sailing the EC is tremendous fun.