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Jun 10, 2002 01:22 PM

Good eating in Perpignan France

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Just got back from a long weekend in Perpignan France, (SE by the Spanish border), and found a great restaurant. Reservations are advisable if you want to eat on the patio, the staff are helpful and friendly. Comprehensive menu with fish, meat or vegetarian dishes and reasonable prices. We spent 3 hours lazing over dinner with a strolling mariachi (?) type duo serenading the diners. Not many tourists, mostly locals and we highly recommend it to all. It is called Le Sud, the phone number( in Perpignan) is 04.683.55.71 and is located on 12 Rue Louis Bausil, Perpignan.

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  1. Hello,

    I need an advise. I will be in Barcelona for 5 day over NYE. I really wan to take a trip to Perpign. I did some reserches online that I could take the train from Barcelona in the moring and will be at Perpignan by 11:35AM. Since you have been to the city already. I would like to ask you. Is there a lof of interesting things to see to must see in the city?

    Any advise would be greatly apprecite.