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Apr 29, 2002 04:38 PM

shanghai china

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great places for traditional shanghai dishes?

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  1. For traditional Shanghai food in a rather non-traditional setting, head to Xinjishi (the renovated section of Shanghai near the site of the founding of the COmmunist Party) and go to Xintiandi. They serve true home-style Shanghai food, and in a lovely setting (though slightly Disneyfied). Also not expensive.

    1. this is probably way too late, but....Henry's on the former Rue de Henri. I'm blanking out on street names but it's in the area of the Hilton Hotel. Best best best Shanghai cold appetizers. And other Shanghai stuff is great too.

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          You can be sure things haven't changed at these places since I posted this:

          There's good along with the bad in the mix, but they are all as traditional as it gets and you can try two or three of them for the price of one meal at Xintiandi.

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            I really liked the Whampoa Club on the bund: trational shanghai style cuisine in a very nice setting. I really miss the xiao long bao, the traditional juicy shanghai buns.
            Let us know your feedback.

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              I wouldn't exactly consider WC as traditional Shanghainese, more a pricey "take" on Shanghainese food by a talented young Hong Kong-bred chef. Foie gras in Shanghainese cuisine? I think not.

              Here's Jereme Leung's version of drunken chicken (with frozen Shaoxing wine crystals):

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                I bit off topic here, but one of the the best foie gras I have ever had was at whompoa club. Over my 2 weeks in Shanghai/HK during early Feb. I must have had foie gras at least on 5 different occasions, but none compare to the way whompoa club prepared the foie. So crispy. I love it.