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Mar 25, 2002 10:57 AM

London cookware shops?

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I'm spending a few days in London and plan to visit Books for Cooks (and Bermondsey Mmarket, if I can get up early enough). Can anyone recommend some good kitchenware shops in the city as well? I'd prefer places that cater to professional chefs in addition to homebodies.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!

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    Simon Majumdar

    There is an excellent shop ( whose name always escapes me) which is on Shaftesbury Avenue and caters to chefs and all catering professionals.

    You can't miss it, it is next to Incognico and Angels the Theatrical Costumiers.

    Do give it a try


    1. Leon Jaeggi, 77 Shaftsbury Ave., and Pages, 121 Shaftsbury Ave. are two professional outlets in central London which are close to each other.

      1. Thanks, Simon & John. I appreciate your help. I'll check out both shops - we're staying nearby-ish at St. Martins Lane.

        1. Divertimenti which I think is on Wigmore Street anyway it is behind Selfridges, also very good. Peter Jones )dept store in Sloane Square) has a great kitchen ware dept. THere is also a snazzy restaurant supply place on Fulham Road which I think is called Hansens...

          Whatever you do, avoid Blue bird or anything Conran

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            Thanks for the recommendations. I hear you about Conran - although the shop in Manhattan has wonderful stuffed animals!

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              Divertimenti have moved from Wigmore Street to 33 Marylebone High Street (not that far away). They've only just moved there and the new shop didn't seem as fully stocked as the old one when I went recently. Maybe it just seemed like that because it's bigger, or maybe they haven't fully moved in. They have a cafe also now, but I didn't try it.
              There is also a branch at 141 Fulham Road. Worth a visit, definitely, but on the pricey side. Web site details below


            2. Divertimenti sits on the edge between professional and enthusiastic amateur. They have good products but tend to go for slightly smaller sizes. So you can buy a good stick blender (Bamix) without getting a model that is only suitable for blending 10+ litres.

              As previously posted, Leon Jaeggi, Hansen's and Pages are good professional suppliers. So is Denton's, in Clapham.