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Mar 3, 2002 08:13 PM

Belgium and Holland

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Please help with restaurant, fries, muscles/seafood, beer, and chocolate places in Belgium and Holland. In Belgium is is recomended to go into Brussels to get the best buys on the above---or is it better to go to Antwerp, particularly for muscles and seafood?

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  1. NB,

    This is one of those life the universe and everything questions. I can only give you advice about Brussels my personal experience with Antwerp is limited but positive.
    If you are asking are beer/chocolate/mussels and frites better in Brussels or Antwerp the answer would be they not necessarily better in one or the other place. The location where in Brussels or Antwerp you go is important.
    Why are you asking this question? do you have to choose between one place or the other?

    Snazzy ( currently living and eating/drinking well in Brussels) so many beers/restaurants so little time.

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    1. re: Snazzy

      Snazzy, thank you.

      Yes we have to decide to to Brussells or Antwerp.

      Am I guessing correctly that you are in Brussells?

      1. re: NB

        Dear NB,

        Thats correct I am in Brussels. I lived here for about 4 years if you want some opinions about Brussels eating drinking things drop me a line on my e mail.


        1. re: Snazzy

          Hi Snazzy! i am visiting brussels 12-14 of january with my girlfriend. We would like to eat really well on friday night
          preferably a nice place with classic french/belgian food and with a lot of beers to choose from. On saturady we are willing to pay more for an upscale place (we are trying to get the hosts table at Comme Chez Soi). we would also like to find a nice frites spot for saturday lunch. it would be really interesting to get some feedback from you.

          Kindly Jacob in Stockholm

    2. We enjoyed Antwerp and had a great great (sorta pricy) meal at a restaurant called Neuze Neuze (I think that's the right spelling). It's in guidebooks if you search a little.

      As for mussels, I've had better ones in the SF Bay Area than anywhere in Belgium, but of course you've got to try mussels there.