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Feb 27, 2002 07:30 AM

Boyer In Reims: How Does It Compare To The Paris Three Stars?

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  1. The prices are much lower. The cooking is more traditional. They do not take many risks but they make no mistakes. The service is amazing. They will make up a customized tasting menu for the table if you want to try several dishes, they have no problems if each persons tasting menu is a little different from the others, they charge a flat 50% of the full price for a half dish, they will offer you things not on the menu if you eat more than one night in a row to make sure you do not eat the same thing twice....

    Yes what more can I say. The overall experience is the best I know even if the food is not the best. But the fresh smoked salmon which is almost always on the menu is to die for...

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      Robin Majumdar

      I visted Les Crayeres last April and it was one of the best meals I had that year. From what I remember they followed the dictum of 'Faites Simple': a bouillon with foie gras, a perfect piece of John Dory, a similary fine pigeon dish, Lobster consomme, truffle encroute etc.

      The service was perfectly judged and attentive. We left after four hours with smiles on our faces.

      We also visted a small bistrot near one of the many caves in Rheims earlier that day and had a cheaper but no less enjoyable meal.


    2. I agree with everything said in the prior comment. This is an "in the lap of luxury" experience, even if the food isn't necessarily the most creative around. I love the bar (very English, lots of green leather. The dining room manager is both professional and warm and will do whatever he can to make your experience memorable. Try to go during mid-week when it is not terribly crowded. Be sure to order a full bottle of champagne (perhaps in lieu of white wine), as the list of great vintages is just stupendous. And if you can afford it, take a room for the night. Staying at Boyer is truly regal.

      1. Visited Les Crayeres in May 2000, and the memories remain. We stayed for two nights and the dining experience .. breakfast, lunch and dinner was superb ! Staff were exemplary; our first lunch, which we aimed to have as a light lunch, ended up as cocktails, wine, four courses including a magnificent cheese trolley. We spent the last part of the afternoon resting in the garden. Our suite however, was a little dark and disappointing. Well worth a visit !