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Feb 21, 2002 10:35 AM

Crepes and Croque Monsieur in Paris

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I'll be in Paris in a couple of weeks and am looking for a good place to get crepes and or Croque Monsieurs. Any ideas?

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  1. Maybe Cafe Marly at the Louvre???

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    1. re: mc michael
      Caitlin Wheeler

      I was going to suggest the exact same thing! Especially for the Croque Monsieur, which is pretty good there, and the setting can't be beat. Crepes in Paris are really street food -- something you get from a stand while walking. All of the crepes I have had have been good, but not outstanding. The best crepes I have had are in a tiny crepe stand owned by Grand Marnier in the town of Juan Les Pins on the Cote D'Azur. It is a promotional thing -- the crepes are made with Grand Marnier in the batter, and when they are cooked, you are handed a bottle of Grand marnier and told to help yourself.
      Sorry for the digression -- I know it doesn't help much on your Paris query ...

    2. the best crepes in paris can be found at the stand at place contrescarpe on rue mouffetard - la mouffe to local kids.

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      1. re: louisa
        Maurice Naughton

        There are a lot of Breton creperies east of the the Gare de Montparnasse. Two, Josselin and Petit Josselin, never fail to please. Drink cidre (alcholic) with your crepes or gallettes (thicker buckwheat pancakes). You'll get your cider in a big teacup.


      2. We had a great croque monsieur at the Cafe de Flor in St. Germain. Grreat people watching, too.

        There are many stands selling crepes. We had good crepes from one of the walk-up window places on the Quai Voltaire (I think), across from Notre Dame.

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          Caitlin McGrath

          For a sit-down place for crepes, I recommend Creperie Boubourg, which is on the plaza adjacent to the Centre Georges Pompidou, on the left side of the Stravisnky fountain if you're facing toward it from the Pompidou. Excellent salade verte, as well.

          I also had pretty good crepes at Creperie des Arts, on the rue des Arts, just of Blvd St-Michel near the top, just below the Seine.

          Exact addresses, maps, and even photos of these and other Paris address can be had at the link below


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          1. re: Caitlin McGrath
            Caitlin McGrath

            I'm sorry, hit the post button too soon; Creperie des Arts is on the rue St-Andre des Arts, not the rue des Arts.

          2. Our favorite croque spot is Brasserie Flottes, on rue Cambon, just off rue de Rivoli (one block from Concorde metro). My usual choice is the croque Royale and my wife likes the croque Provencal (no meat). We generally eat in the bar area and split a small pichet of the house red. Just great!