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Feb 7, 2002 09:48 AM

Italian in Delhi

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Does anyone know of any good Italian restaurants in New Delhi, preferrably around Connaught Place?

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  1. you MUST be kidding

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      I hope you live in delhi and just want to get some italian food and did not go all the way around the world to eat some of the worst italian food you could possibly find. But this is the sort of information you can find in the lonely planet book on new delhi. Any of the major book stores there will have it

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        Gil From Chicago

        Ok, I will take these reponses as a resounding NO!

        1. re: Gil From Chicago

          ...but I bet if you ask these guys where to find good FOOD in New Delhi, they would have some suggestions!

          1. re: jen kalb

            Poor Gil is having an understandable craving for a familiar food in a foreign land. Maybe he's been in Delhi awhile, had enough regional cuisine, and could use some advice. Unfortunately, there may not be any hope!! I worked in Asia for almost 2 years, and though I loved the incredible variety of local foods I was lucky enough to experience, I craved Italian and Mexican food terribly. I begged anyone coming from the states to bring chile powder and tortillas. I made my own pizzas with what was around. Amusingly, vivid memories of the few occasions when we would chance on some sorry "Italian" or "Mexican" place, full of hope, only to be served leaden raviolis in Katmandu or odd tostadas in Singapore. There was an amazingly bad place in Bangkok, called the Nipa Hut , which actually had a midget in a huge sombrero waving in customers off the street.
            My best advice to Gil is book a layover in Italy on the way home.

            1. re: Ciaolette
              Gil From Chicago

              Maybe I should have been specific on my first post; some may not know what my position is. I've been in Delhi the past 4 weeks, working on a current project. I get to work at 8am, come back at 1130pm. Almost all of my meals during the weekday are Indian.

              When I get to the weekend, I would like nothing more than a little variety, thats all. I currently have an immense craving for Italian food, and was hoping I could cure that craving this weekend. Now, im NOT EXPECTING THAT DELHI OFFERS GREAT ITALIAN FOOD. I posted the topic for the offbeat chance that there is something respectable.

              Thanks Susan, Helen, Ciaolette, zim for the guidance. And trust me Ciaolette, I would take the layover in Italy if I could, but something tells me that my company wouldnt be too happy....

              1. re: Ciaolette

                I had a hilarious--there's no other word for it--"Mexican" meal in Connaught Place several years ago. The only seasoning was the very-Indian black pepper. I would have thought they'd use the chilis at hand, but no. Just pepper.

                1. re: Millicent

                  Sorry I couldnt help it - I did a google search for Delhi italian restaurant - and in the top part of the result list saw something called La Piazza at the Hyatt Regency Delhi 14km away, a restaurant called "Diva" recently opened (no address given) and a list including Domino's etc. in Connaught. but I am sure you found that one already!

                  Good luck, Gil, and please report - we'd love to hear about your food experiences and finds in Delhi.


            2. re: Gil From Chicago


              I hope my comments didn't come across as dismissive. As a visitor after a long time - I wasn't searching out Italian food. However I do remember looking at the lonely planet guide i mentioned and wondering at the nearly place by place rundown of restaurants around connaught. A nearby browser indicated that since the book is marketed at backpackers and other folks who may be on the road for a long time that they do a good job of covering spots that might give folks a taste of home.

              I do not vouch for the culinary tastes of the editorial staff.

        2. This brought back a memory from when I was a student in Bangalore. My college took over a hotel that had it's own compound and dining room. The menu was set by the hotel and posted in the entryway every morning. A couple of months into our stay, spaghetti and pizza began turning up once a week. We found it a welcome break after 6 days of Indian food. And, memory tells me it was pretty tasty.

          1. If you really crave Italian food in New Dehli,bring along a hotplate,and some pasta and cheese....maybe you can fill in the rest.Have you been there yet,and are you really serious?

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              Helen Springut

              There are actually a few decent Italian restaurants at some of the 4 and 5 star hotels. I believe the Hyatt has one called La Piazza as does one of the Oberoi hotels. Nothing really memorable, but not bad either, and a nice change every so often. I spent 3 months this past summer working in Delhi, and believe me, after eating meal after meal of ghee-rich mughal food, its nice to take a break once in a while. However, if you want recommendations for Indian food, I have plenty of wonderful suggestions.

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                True, most of the better hotels have always had a "French" dining option, and as you point out now some Italian too. I would also repeat the caution about eating salads and raw vegetables includes 4 -5 star hotels. My only case of severe food related illness in India was after eating a salad at the Oberoi Hotel.

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                Swaraj Mainee

                Hi Gil,

                The best Italian in Delhi is La Piazza at the Hyatt Regency (esp. the Sunday brunch - remember to book ahead). Near CP, at the Imperial Hotel is San Gimignano which I have not tried yet but has been recommended by friends. A possible alternative is Italiani's at the Radisson (near the Internationl Airport.

                All of the above are obviously in the 5-star hotels and therefore expensive at around Rs 1000 (exc. alcohol). There are some others including Flavours at Defense Colony (on the Ring Road opposite Moolchand Hospital); I have not tried Diva and there is a new Italian in East of Kailash. There is also Ego's at New Friends colony at the Community Centre.

                Best recommendation is to buy a copy of First City or Around Town which should have a full listing.

                Good luck and let me know what you think.