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Feb 5, 2002 08:14 PM

Hiroshima, Japan Dining Scene

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Will be attending a wedding in Hiroshima this summer and was wondering what specialties are in that region? Looking for local must eat items, restaurant recommendation etc, (japanese food only).

Will likely be stopping over in Tokyo for a day or two before so am planning to be a little more organized this time round and bring a list with me. Seeking restaurant recommendations for ultimate sushi bars and kaiseki stlye dinners. What should I expect to pay?

Really looking forward to this return visit to the holyland of sushi.

Thanks in advance

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  1. What pops into mind first when I hear Hiroshima is okonomiyaki (that wonderful dish described sometimes as "a savory pancake" or "Japanese pizza", neither of which does it justice).

    Hiroshima has its own style; the Osaka style, which is probably considered mainstream, has all the ingredients mixed into the batter, while the Hiroshima version has everything cooked as its own individual layer, while still coming together as one okonomiyaki. Hiroshima style also often contains noodles.

    Haven't been there in over ten years (some friends used to teach there), but I'm sure anyone there can recommend you their favorite place.

    Don't know if that's much of a help, but...

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      The groom to be did mention longingly while he was still studying here in the US of his mother's okonomiyaki.

      I on the other hand on my first and only trip so far to Tokyo, frequented an Okonomiyaki place in Shibuya and ordered everything but okonomiyaki, duh!

      Time to get craking on my kanji lessons again.

      By the way how do the locals feel about the sushi bars surrounding tsukiji?

    2. Lucky you... I'm hoping to get back to Japan myself. I'm not sure if they'll be in season (see the oyster thread in General Topics), but Hiroshima is well-known for their oysters. I've heard that there's a place down on the docks where you can get them just about fresh out of the water. Hopefully you'll be able to ask some locals about that. The japanese are very proud of their regional specialties, so they may point you in some good directions for that. Further south towards the Seto inland sea (yamaguchi), and you're in fugu (blowfish) country.

      For non-food-related stuff, you should take the opportunity to go to Miyajima island which is about 40 minutes south of Hiroshima. If you're there in the summer, you'll have to battle all the tourists, but it is still a pretty magnificent place. Also, if you're coming down from Tokyo via the shinkansen (bullet train), you may want to stop off at Himeji (between Kobe and Okayama) to check out the grandest castle in Japan.

      And if you'll be travelling for a couple days or more, get a JR rail pass at a travel agent in the states (you can't get it once you're in japan). A one week JR pass will probably cost you less than the round trip ticket from Tokyo to Hiroshima, and it's good for a full 7 days. It's pretty indispensable.