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Jan 16, 2002 08:35 PM

Romantic Restaurant in Paris

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My husband and I are visiting Paris for the first time in March. On the occasion of my 40th birthday we would like to make a reservation for dinner in a special restaurant. We have a budget of approximately 350 euros or 2300 ff for the entire dinner including wine and hopefully a little champagne as an apertif. We are looking for a romantic setting with good food and service, not necessarily a starred restaurant. Any suggestions?

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  1. if you plan on spending your entire budget, it can't help but be a starred restaurant! and romance is so subjective, but since you're posting here, i'm guessing that you care about the food, not just the view.

    perhaps les ambassadeurs at le crillon.

    but i suggest you post at bonjour paris - a wonderful website about paris and france - for more up to date info. see below for a link to the "romantic restaurants" folder on the discussion boards.

    bonne anniversaire et bon voyage!


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      Violon d'Ingris is the justifiably favored restaurant on Bonjour Paris' website. It is extraordinary and Catherine Constant is the absolute best at making everyone in the 50 seat dining room feel special. Her husband, Christian (formerly of Les Ambassadeurs), is back on his two star level. For 350 Euros (with a good bottle of wine and perhaps a bit of change left over) you will have an extraordinary meal that will be the highlight of your trip. Specialties include roast veal, exemplery foie gras, scallop in shell, lobster risotto (off the menu) and extraordinary Baked Alaska that is heavily liquored.
      This restaurant is very popular. You MUST reserve well in advance for most days.

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        hi joe,

        you're right. what was i thinking? violon d'ingres. do the tasting menu. email catherine for reservations NOW at for recent menus see the link below.


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      michael (mea culpa)

      I think my first choice would be Le Grand Vefour. I agree that Les Ambassadeurs is likewise romantic although a little formal feeling for my taste. In terms of decor and setting La Tour D'Argent is certainly one of the most romantic restaurants in Paris or anywhere. It's food is not so highly rated as it used to be but the duck is still very good in 2 courses. Perhaps you would enjoy a prix fixe lunch here with a view of Notre Dame. Any of these restaurants would feel like a special occasion.