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Jan 11, 2002 05:02 AM

Some Cacaphony With Your Beef Sir?

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To anyone thinking of going to Wapping Food for dinner,my advice is to check first to see if you will have to endure a "live performance" at the time you're there.

A perfectly pleasant meal last night was interrupted by an "artist" whose contribution to our evening was to blow into several tubas,creating an almighty bloody din and making conversation totally impossible FOR ABOUT 50 MINS.!!Even the waiting staff looked embarrassed.

To add i to i,we'd been asked to "keep conversation low" while this racket was going on,or even(joke)to "converse by text".I was tempted to ask for a discount for having to put up with it.We certainly weren't warned about it when we arrived.

Wapping Food's food is OK,but beware its pretentious arty elements,check 'performance' times and then avoid them.

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  1. I also had a terrible, terrible experience there...they had a Keith Haring exhibition on last year and were running a "eat lunch see the exhibition for free" offer. I went with five friends for sunday brunch (cost circa £150) went to go into the exhibition and were told that we hadn't spent enough money to qualify for free entry....The food's OK (at risk of sounding like Michael Winner, the orange juice was very nice) and I'm told the bread's excellent, but we thought the cost for what amounted to coffee, toast and few plates of rubbery scrambled eggs was disgusting. And the abuse i got from the manager...he actually used the line "we are a charity". So that makes it all ok then....

    I think they can't decide if they're a venue for performance or a restaurant and end up doing neither very well.