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Jan 8, 2002 12:26 PM

Suggestions in London - South Kensington

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I have been reading the London suggestions with interest, but now I have decided to just ask my own question. Been to London a few times, the problem is, in the past I have gotten free trips on the QE2, so after 5 days of eating, food is not a primary concern. Khan's, Wagahama, Rock and Sole Plaice and various dives tend to be where I would end up.

My free QE2 trips are over, I will be going shortly and staying in South Kensington(Pretty touristy, I've heard). Since the meal on the flight will pretty much be all I'll be having on the way there this time, I'm going to want something better this trip (one week) I've made note of recent suggestions, but am looking for places in the South Kensington area. Italian would be nice (nothing that breaks the bank, casual) Any suggestions?? Throught research these have popped up, (Italian - Monza, Folconiere, sale & pepe- Not in South Kesington), French- La Bouchee, La Brasserie)

We'll pretty much eat anything, so any other suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. check out noura, mohsen, and the polish hearth club. all at most within a couple of miles of where you'll be. if you feel like spending a bit, try the bombay brasserie and launceston place. addresses are in the link below.

    for gods sake, stay away from the likes of wagamama and khans - mohsen, for eg, is much cheaper and in altogether a different class when compared to something like khans.


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      Kit Williams

      try Daquise 20 Thurloe Street, near South Ken tube station, for terrific Polish food and atmosphere. cheaper than the Polish Hearth Club.

      a must visit is Baker & Spice on Walton Street (from South Ken/Chelsea up towards Knightsbridge). fantastic bakery and delicious savories to take home for dinner. a few tables out front for your morning pastry and latte.

      and my favorite Indian food in London is at Majlis on Gloucester Road in Kensington -- a few blocks south of the park.

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      1. re: Kit Williams

        sweet william - you can do better than majlis! much, much, much, MUCH better. i live around the corner from this place, and my innocence about the quality of indian food in london was shattered here first. i'm thinking of putting a plaque on the spot.

        pay up and go to bombay brasserie down the road. that is the real - if not so inspired - thing.

        1. re: howler

          thanks, howler, have been wanting to try bombay brasserie.....will do so when there in may.

          many thanks for the advice!

          1. re: kit

            Well I'm convinced ! bombay brasserie is on the list.
            Going to look over these other suggestions. The Italian ones too.

            1. re: Phil Pace

              bombay brasserie is the real thing, but ... no soul.
              my personal choice would be mohsen on warwick road. outstanding iranian food, especially the daily specials. lot of pride, superlative care. with the added bonus of being cheap, even by manhattan standards. if not mohsen, i'd hit noura for some of the best mezze i've ever eaten, followed by chicken shish taouk drenched in toom (toom is garlic, olive oil and lemon beaten to a white, fluffy paste), finishing up with ice creams that are a hedonists dream.

              1. re: Phil Pace

                A British friend treated me to Bombay Brasserie a few years ago. It's very good, and I particularly liked the low-key ambiance. I've had better tasting Indian food out in the countryside... even up in Derby but this is a good spot while in London. I agree that Daquise is also lovely.

        2. s
          Stephen Aldred

          Agree with Howler's recommendation for Bombay Brasserie; also try Vama on King's Road.
          For good pizza and better than average pasta try da Mario on Gloucester Road. If you are prerared to take a short cab ride to Putney High Street (3 miles) Enoteca Turi has excellent food and a superb Italian wine list.
          Finally, Lou Pescadou is a fun French fish restaurant on Old Brompton Road.

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          1. re: Stephen Aldred

            the pasta's merely o.k. at da mario's - somehow, its never properly al dente, no matter how much you beseech the cook/waiter. the pizza's much better. the best is the room downstairs where they let the kids run around in so the adults can get some peace.

            1. re: Stephen Aldred

              la famiglia on 7 langton st near worlds end is very good, and resonable priced. aslo for breakfast try Mona Lisa, and The Chelsea Bun

              1. re: greg rellis

                I hit la famiglia when I am in London. Great people and good food at decent prices. The mozzarella in caroz (sp?)is particularly good.

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