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Jan 3, 2002 04:17 PM

Madrid + Segovia, Xose Castro where are you?

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Hola, I'm heading to Madrid + possibly Segovia in March for some much needed E, D + R. Eating, drinking + recreating. On my last trip to Madrid (1997) I fell in love w/Asador Fronton and Gallego Seafood, not to mention my addiciton to Jamon Pata Negra + El Museo del Jamon. Does anyone have some rockin' suggestions?

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  1. m
    Marc Bertman

    2 great places in Madrid; for tapas "casa abuelo" serves mouthwatering gambas al ajillo(shrimp in Garlic) and for dinner Casa Paco for a steak that is sizzled at your tableside.