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Dec 16, 2001 01:09 PM

Tokyo in February

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My wife and I will be in Tokyo for 2 weeks in February so I am seeking restaurant recommendations. Anyone ouy there have a favorite or two? Thanks to all.

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  1. Hi Jay! See the attached link for a relatively recent discussion of this topic. February is a pretty nice time to be here--winters are relatively mild in Tokyo, and skies are blue.

    If there's any particular type of cuisine you're looking for, let us know.


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      Being a native Tokyoist myself, it's hard for me to name favorites when there are just simply sooo many!

      One thing I can tell you is, don't bother paying the high price by eating at hotel restaurants. They do serve great food but they are very pricey. You can easily find similar and sometimes better quality food just down the street from your hotel.

      Many departments stores have a floor with restaurants. Those might be a good place for you to try since you can find a good variety of cuisine at one location. Many of those restaurants have food displayed in the show case in front for the restaurant so you can get a pretty good idea of what each restaurant has to offer.

      My husband (American) and I both LOVE Indian food and we both enjoy visitng various Indian restaurants in Tokyo. They tend to be on the pricey side for dinner but most Indian restaurants in Tokyo offer great deals for lunch. My favorite is Raj Mahal in Shibuya.

      For a cheap, quick bite in Tokyo, I would recommend Soba or Udon noodles which will definitely warm you up in the cold weather you are going to have to deal with during your visit in February. Also, try Chinese/Japanese Noodle house, generally called "Ramen-ya" (meaning Ramen shop), they offer variety of Ramen noodles to choose from.

      If you would like to try some everyday cuisine, I'd recommend "Okonomi-yaki" (literally means "cooked as you like") which is like a Japanese interprestation of Pizza/pancake. It is a famous dish of Osaka/Kyoto and Hiroshima. You can find many places in Tokyo where you can enjoy this dish.

      "Oden" is a winter treat that Japanese people particularly enjoy during the winter months. It's a dish cooked in a larget pot filled with various kinds of vegetables and fish cakes. They are a true delight!

      I hope these info. helps! Enjoy Tokyo! Cheers!

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        Sushi Gourmet

        Make sure you visit Tsukiji!!