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Dec 6, 2001 06:44 AM

goodwill hunting

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i want to give the MOST goodwill - and i'm starting with a pledge of 10 goodwills (=$200 for the arithmetically challenged).

me being the howler and all, i'd like the last word. so i'll try and beat all your pathetic contributions ... do i hear 15 goodwills? c'mon simon, shame me!

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    Simon Majumdar

    I am a hard up publisher and couldn't even begin to compete with you on the wallet front ( if only Jim was asking for moral good will, then you would be my b... oh I can't say that)

    That being said, I would urge all London Hounds to check out the Chowmarket as I have just done and order some T Shirts, give some good will.

    I have even ordered the NY Chownews so I can read about all those places that don't serve "unedible food" ( no I am never going to let you forget that.)

    This is an extra ordinary resource and one I appreciate, so I will do what I can


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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      glad to see you doing your bit, but .... hard up publisher?!

      no hard up publisher eats at le gavroche as often as you do. or at club gascon. no hard up publisher thinks that 60 pounds a head is reasonable. while you are wondering if its the latour or the lafite, i'm tucking in at the green papaya.

      c'mon, all you internationals ... show your support.

      1. re: howler
        Melanie Wong

        You're going to have to go higher, my friend. Mao on the Manhattan board has already chipped in for 15 Good Wills.


          1. re: howler

            Been meaning to mention...the record, so far, is $500.

            From a hound not in some cosmopolitan world capital, but in Brooklyn.

            1. re: howler

              Howler, have you placed your order yet? I haven't seen anything from you yet; you wouldn't just tease us, now, would you?

              : )


              1. re: Jim Leff

                that %$#!!! server!

                i'm sending you a cheque, not to worry.