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Dec 5, 2001 05:48 PM

Guilt and dry white wine cause C. Trotter esq. to seek early retirement.

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Is there a germ of truth in the rumor that CT is gonna throw in the towel?
I love the guy but apparently years of ripping off eurochefs has left him like a spent .33 shell.

What gives?

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  1. m
    Michael Lewis

    This sounds quite interesting although you write like John Tseng.
    Has CT retired? (One marathon too much perhaps.)
    Is Troy Lovegg your real name?

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    1. re: Michael Lewis

      Hey, look. Some of us are holding our breath. Unless you heard something else *very* recently, he didn't say that he was retiring, exactly. He said that he didn't know whether or not he'd be cooking a year from now.

      Erik M.