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Nov 12, 2001 02:44 PM

5 week trip in India, HELP?

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Hi all:

My S.O. and I are heading off to India for a 5 week vacation at the beginning of Dec. We were originally going to count on our 2 indian friends on the trip for food advice. But they had to back out last minute because of a family medical emergency. Can anyone give us some advice about regional specialities that we should not miss? All I know is that dosas are more south indian and naan is more north indian. Oh yes, if there are any recommendations for resturants/places to see/things to do, I will take those too. Here is a list of the places that we plan on hitting.

Delhi, Jaipur, Jaislmere, Bombay, Goa(not sure where yet), Banglore, Kochin, ajanta, Varanasi, Agra.

thanks guys.

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  1. For delhi, do a search for chowhound peter nagy, he posted a few things a little while back that were pretty good. If you look further down you might see my query about bangalore (though that won't be of too much help for food there's a couple ideas on places to see)

    We're also planning to be in India around that time - so if you can make it to a computer don't forget to post. I'll try to do the same

    1. I had a very good lunch in Cochin at the Taj-[something] hotel a few years ago..can't remember the full name,but it's well known.Cochin,and Kerala,in general is wonderful-fish and all kinds of spicy pickles are some of the foods that I liked best.The fish market in Cochin is worth a visit.