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Oct 30, 2001 10:16 AM

Oxford ideas

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I have a friday night in Oxford in a couple of weeks, staying in The Old Bank Hotel in centre of town(no grief on the's booked). Looking for something interesting to chow down at in central Oxford: anything considered, but not interested in venturing outside of the town that night. Can't find much on the search. Any ideas?

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  1. Savannah, on Park End Street has just opened. Friends of mine were responsible for designing the interior .. specialises in 'Namibian beef' and other grill dishes. I cant vouch for the atmosphere or tastes !

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      one place@ goose d'ail... classic french food. best in the world

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        try the ousu (student union guide) - link below

        the most - ahem - "interesting" place would be the Hi-Lo jamaican on the cowley road. also marios on the opposite side does great pizza. alternately, yes, gousse d'ail should fulfil your amuse-gueule cravings but is a bit up north. al-shami for lebenese, chiang-mai kithcen for thai, shimla pinks for posh indian or the elizabeth for the full-on escoffier experience

        oh shit, almost forgot. le petit blanc - raymond blancs brasserie. nuff said.




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          Adam Lawrence

          Somewhere further down the board is a fairly lengthy guide to dining in Oxford that I posted over the summer. I'd just make the following additions/comments: went to Le Petit Blanc for the first time in a while last week and was underwhelmed. It's OK, but I found the whole experience strangely unsatisfactory. Nothing you could put your finger on (except perhaps rather perfunctory service), but I didn't feel it was worth almost eighty quid for two of us, bearing in mind the good lady wasn't drinking and I only had a couple of glasses of wine and a fino to start (maybe that was the start of the problem - I thought they should have had something better than Tio Pepe). There has been a bit of a Lebanese boom in Oxford recently, and I think al-Shami has suffered. Wasn't impressed last time I went. I prefer al-Salam on Park End Street. Try Restaurant du Liban on Broad Street, it's a bit more expensive but worth a go.