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Oct 27, 2001 08:05 PM


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  1. We lived in Budapest from 1994-1999. The best food could be found at the Chez Daniel or the Cafe Kor. Our favorite for Hungarian food, including the best goulash we had in our years there, is Kronikas (on Tatra Utca). I would be interested in hearing back about your experiences. The Zsolnay coffee house in the Beke hotel was a lovely place for coffee/cake. While Gerbaud's is more famous, everything at the Zsolnay tastes better. Plus it is not all crammed with tourists.

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      there is a long, wonderfully evocative post by melanie wong on her trip to hungary .... you'll get some great budapest tips from it.

      i tried using the search engine to find the post, but i had no luck ... even google wasn't much help. you can always plead with the authorities, though i suggest you stop shouting to better your chances (thats the large caps you're using). it'll be worth it.

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        I went to Gerbaud in May 07. I heard it was one of the oldest and most reputable bakery in Budapest. Sorry to say that I couldn't tell you how great it was. The service was beyond terrible. There is no seating service, so you just grab a seat and wait for your waitress. One finally showed up and then barked at us for only ordering a piece of cake and marizpan (only 2 people). After waiting 10 minutes, and the waitress was still a no show with the goodies, we left. I grew up in NYC, and I have never experienced such rude service. Save your money and go somewhere else. You deserve better!

      2. Forgot Lulu (not too far from the Hyatt), Becsi Szelet (translates to Wiener Schnitzel) near the applied arts museum and Kis Buda Gyongye in Obuda. Remember, we lived there for a long time....I have been to the Muvesz Coffeehouse and stand by my recommendation of the Zsolnay. Anyway, let us know
        I have a couple Italian recommendations too, but doubt you will want them.

        1. We were in Budapest in May. Our best dinner was at Cafe Kor. You need to make a reservation for dinner there. I agree about Gerbaud. It was nice sitting outside but the pastries were nothing special. The best strudel was at the strudel stand in the Central Market.