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Oct 9, 2003 02:45 PM

June Taylor Jams

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I was thinking of placing an order -- anyone have any thoughts on the rhubarb selections (rhubarb & ginger, rhubarb & rose geranium, and strawberry rhubarb)? I've never had rhubarb jam before...

Are the cherries pieces in the cherry & almond conserve large?

And, lastly, anyone have a preference re Frog Hollow's meyer lemon marmalade (which I love) and June Taylor's?

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  1. My suggestion would be to try and get to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings and try all the June Taylor offerings yourself, if possible. They let you taste to your heart's content.

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    1. re: jen maiser
      Stanley Stephan

      Good suggestion to do some tasting at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's market.

      My own tastes are that the Frog Hollow Meyer lemon is better than June Taylor's.

      That cherry and almond jam by June Taylor is one of my all time favorite jams. I've never had a jam that was truer to a true fresh cherry taste.

      I wasn't that crazy about any of the ruhbarb jams. They were all fine, but none struck me as outstanding.

      1. re: Stanley Stephan

        I finally got to try June Taylor's meyer lemon marmalade and, I agree, that the Frog Hollow version is much better. No comparison, really -- FH's is lightly jelled with a bright color and flavor, while JT's is thick and has an almost dirty color to it. FH's also has thin strips of peel, while JH's is chunkier, which is less appealing.

    2. June Taylor jams are the best, period. Her meyer lemon is superb. I happen to like the citrus flavors best (like things tart). But they're all extraordinary. Far, far better than Frog Hollow or any other.

      1. the cherry pieces are sizable but not enormous.

        all the rhubarb ones i've had have been amazing. though i haven't tried the ones you mentioned.

        1. j
          Joan Kureczka

          June Taylor's cherry conserve is great -- the only cherry preserve I've ever had that is comparable to the Christine Ferber stuff (voted best pastry chef in France a few years back). They are truly whole cherries -- last jar had a few pits.

          The three fruit marmelade is a favorite and I really love the fig, lemon thyme and port conserve that is currently available.

          Also -- try the strawberry and rose geranium syrup. Good mixed with sparkling water or with champagne.

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          1. re: Joan Kureczka

            I just received an order of June Taylor jams.....they are absolutely wonderful!
            A great Holiday Gift!

            1. re: ciaogal

              I prefer the stuff from Kensington Marmalade to both of those (though they are good too).


          2. If you like rhubarb, those versions are incredibly good. I particularly like the classic rhubarb and strawberry and the rhubarb with blood orange (which I also helped make a batch of in one of her classes), as well as the rhubarb with rose geranium. I also second the cherry and almond. The Gravenstein apple paste is also amazing if you are a fan of that apple variety.