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Oct 19, 2001 10:10 PM

Gordon Ramsay

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Planning a trip next spring to London. Heard I shouldn't miss gordon ramsay's restaurant, is it really that great?

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    Simon Majumdar

    I am a fan of Ramsay the chef, exactly the opposite of Ramsay the person ( and yes I have met him. Briefly, but not briefly enough )and of his ability to restaurant.

    The food at Ramsay's is totally deserving of all the plaudits ladled over it, but it is beyond stupidly expensive and the service and comfort one expects at at a 3* place is lacking ( or was when I went )

    There is also the question of table turning, which surely should not be a question in a place charging in the region of £100+ per person. I think the going rate is 2hrs.

    In the end the point of such places is ( or should be ) a balance between food and cosseting. If you are willing to pay the prices and forgo the latter, give it a go.

    Personally, tried it and once was enough. I would try Le Gavroche or Tante Claire for preference.


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      Anthony Bourdain

      As much as I hate to disagree with Simon about anything--I do here. Yes. It is that great.