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Oct 5, 2001 05:36 AM

Gordon Ramsay - Big Breakfast

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Did anyone see Gordon on the show this morning? He was very funny and very good! He was promoting his book Just Desserts or something like that.

Richard Bacon went to his restaurant and paid £990 for 4 persons. £700 was booze! Classic.

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  1. s
    Simon Majumdar

    I caught this while I was jogging away on the treadmill in a vain effort to melt away the excesses of a thousand nights out.

    Normally Ramsay is on the "first up against the wall" list but I have to admit he was very amusing. Perhaps the old bugger has got over being rejected by Rangers


    1. f
      Fredrick Skoog

      £700 on booze is peanuts, didn't a couple of City bods blow about £35000 on a couple bottles of wine in GR's place recently?

      1. In my mind, there's too great a focus on aspects of Ramsay other than his cuisine, which is special.

        As for price, I've happily spent more than 250 pounds/person there with wine included on several occasions. There is a choice as to what wines a diner takes in. If she wants something special, whether in wine or food, she usually has to pay more. It's as simple as that :)