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Oct 4, 2001 06:35 AM

Japanese fine dining in London & Europe

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What are the super-upmarket, authentic Japanese restaurants in London and across Europe? Places where Japanese expats or visitors might go to really splash out...or show their UK colleagues the real thing?

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  1. There is an absolutely superb Japanese restaurant / sushi bar in Hanover Square (London W1). I cannot remember the name of it but it is the only one there and is always full of Japanese diners. Excellent value too.

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      Gareth Williams

      For sushi in London I can recommend a place called Kikuchi in Hanway St. (1st left on Tottenham Court Rd, heading north from the tube station. Phone: 020 7637 7720).

      Hanway St is a grubby sidestreet now much frequented by the glitterati following the opening of the achingly trendy Hakkosan (chinese food, despite the name)round the corner (much over-rated if reports are to be believed).

      However, the chef (and sushi) at Kikuchi is traditional and accomplished. It's about £50 per head if you mix in beer and sake, as I tend to. It is tilted much more towards sushi than all-round formal dining, though.

      Each time I have been it has been busy but there has been no more than one other party of non-japanese there. Not that I set store by this alone; after all, McDonalds is full of westerners...

      By the way, thank you for you helpful and informative reply to my 'Beaune' post. I'm happy if this starts to repay the favour.


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        Thanks Gareth - more than makes up for my Beaune post, since I have a hazy memory for the details at best! I hope you don't get lost...

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          Not super-upmarket but the best Japanese I have had in London (not necessarily saying that much but worthwhile in this case!) has been at Daruma-San in Regents Park Road, Finchley. Worth the trek for sushi and sashimi in particular.