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Sep 19, 2001 10:57 AM


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We plan a week in Yorkshire in October.If you have been there,we would like to hear about interesting places,restaurants and things we shouldn´t miss.

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    Adam Lawrence

    Yorkshire is a big place. Can you give a slightly more precise fix on where you'll be?

    There are a number of Yorkshire expats on this board, so we should be able to steer you in the right direction.

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    1. re: Adam Lawrence

      Thank you for the messages. We will be arriving in Hull, intend to go somewhere in the Yorkshire moors,
      see York and surroundings and are open to any comments
      and recommendations. We heard about Yorkshire a lot
      and think that we will be able to have enough time
      this one week to have a good look around.

      1. re: Reinhard
        Robin Majumdar

        I recently visited the Star Inn in Harome nr Helmsley. I had a good pint of Yorkshire Moors bitter, great food from local produce and refreshingly attitude free service.


        1. re: Robin Majumdar
          Adam Lawrence

          I haven't been to the Star but it comes highly recommended. Winteringham Fields is wonderful, but Michelin two-star dining doesn't come cheap, even in the wastes by the Humber Bridge. I love the Drum and Monkey in Harrogate, and it would be worth checking out the pork pie thread a bit lower down the board; good pork butchers are one of the treasures of the North.

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      Michael Lewis

      Otley has what is engagingly called a Pork Shop, the nearest thing to a charcutier that we have and pretty good too. Try the pork pies and chipolatas.

      At the other end of the scale Winteringham has Winteringham Fields an all round wonderful dining experience with the modest Germain Schwab cooking brilliantly and some of the best waiting staff in the country. A welcome antidote to the screaming toddlers and sham rocket scientists we have to put up with in London.

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      1. re: Michael Lewis
        Mike Thompson

        Just as a note to this, Winteringham Fields is actually in Lincolnshire not Yorkshire and is possibly the finest restaurant in the whole of the UK (2 stars at the present time). I agree that the staff are superb, but a little over attentive. I stayed for a weekend (despite living only 15 miles away) and found their constant attention a little wearying and a little bit insincere, but - and this is a big BUT - this retaurant has, without doubt, the finest cheese board I have ever come across, although the associated selection of port can do serious damage to a wallet.

      2. If you find yourself in York at lunchtime on a Saturday, and especially if it is drizzling (there is a good chance of this in October), it is essential to get fish and chips from any one of the places in the centre, and consume them while walking down the snickleways. The fact that everyone else is eating them guarantees that your chips will be perfect. In addition you will be contributing to the pervasive whiff of rain, fat, vinegar, and hot paper which is one of York's two outstanding olfactory experiences - the other being the smell of warm chocolate wafting down from the confectionery factories.

        There is no shortage of pubs in York. You can find an extensive list (with maps, reviews etc) at the link below. My personal favourite is the Ackhorne. If you prefer something a bit more lively, try the Maltings, which has an outstanding selection of beers and ciders. They have a website ( If your definition of lively means fighting to the bar past a throng of barrel-chested youths wearing too much cheap aftershave, then there is usually plenty of action to be found of a weekend throughout the city.


        1. It may be a bit too far West for you, but the Angel in Hetton (Yorkshire Dales) is a pub come restaurant which serves great food. I've only been once, but it is one of the best pub meals I've had, and I've heard from many sources that it is always reliable. If you go for a weekend lunch, be prepared to wait for a table.

          And yes, Winteringham Fields (Lincolnshire, but not far from Hull) if you want more up market is brilliant, although I was so full I was in pain after eating their seven course menu!