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Sep 18, 2001 03:20 PM

Dim Sum in Munich...

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Does anyone know of a place in Munich that serves Dim Sum?

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  1. Bump.....
    I will be in Munich later this year and was also wondering if any one had an opinion about dim sum place in and around Munich. I read else were (toytown) "Jade China Restaurant” eastside of Munich was ok.
    Any opinions would be helpful.
    Thanks Phil

    1. cant tell you about Dim Sum, but there's a great Xinjiang (Western China district ) restaurant near the station called Taklamakan. Great lamb skewers, spicy chicken, dumplings and other treats. The only restaurant of that region in Europe that is run by Uighur people (native to Xinjiang). If you have a big group you can order a whole roast lamb in advance...

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        Hey elcapitano,
        Thanks for the tip!!!
        I’m also looking for doner kebab’s when in Munich. This place sounds like it has that covered also after reading a “yelp” review. You did'nt happen to try the Doner’s by any chance if you did: thumbs up or down???
        Thanks Phil

        1. re: tecatefil

          Phil: I'm afraid I didn't hit any kebab places in Munich... That's because I've been spoiled on kebabs during my time living in Berlin. Berlin is truly the capital of kebabs and after I've eaten there, I rarely have hit something as good as what I tasted in Berlin. Having said that, I saw some places near the train station which looked ok. I briefly saw Taklamakan's doner spit - it looked ok, their grilled lamb skewers were much more appetising :)