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Sep 9, 2001 09:30 AM

Chowhound favorites in Rome

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I'm relatively new to the Chowhound boards (about 2 weeks) but I've already found some wonderful restaurants on both the Outer Boroughs and Manhattan boards. Quite a few of the Chowhound favorites are right up my alley and just the type of place my husband and I are always looking for, either at home or while traveling.

I've already done a search of Rome restaurants on this board and printed out several pages of suggestions but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post a question.

The places in Italy we really enjoy are small, local, off the beaten track and not usually frequented by tourists. Not that there's anything wrong with tourists (that's what we are after all), but we prefer the kinds of places (for example) that my family takes us to when we visit them in Northern Italy. Restaurants that, instead of a "tourist menu" have a menu full of "piatti tipici" or local foods.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. I promise to post our favorites and, hopefully, some great discoveries, upon our return in mid-November.

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  1. k
    Keiko D'Amatrice

    San Crispino, vaguely near the Trevi, has the world's best ice cream/gelato. Don't miss the fresh fruit flavors, which are amazing. They have a posted list of combinations which aren't very successfull, which seems to put off some people, but I figure they know their product and go by their advice.

    I'm also fond of Grappolo d'Oro. near Campo di Fiori. The starters are very, very good. Cul di Sac, a wine bar, has a very nice change of pace (no pizza, little pasta) menu and a great wine list--try to sit outside , as the inside is small and cramped.

    The Palace of Exhibitions has a nice snack bar and a great buffet on the upper floor.

    I have more in my diary, but i'll have to post later.

    Frankly, I didn't have a bad meal in Rome, and the the places frequented by the Dreaded Tourist(like what the fuck am I --a world traveller?) had as many Italians as well. Good food is good food.

    1. Probably our best meal in Rome was at the Cafe Paris (of all things) in Trastevere. There was a balsamic beef dish that was perfect. We also have a fondness for the Tre Pupazzi on the Borgo Pio not far from St. Peters. Of course you have probably already heard of the Ricotta torte at the Jewish bakery. Get the chocolate variety. We had so much good food there but the above stand out in our minds.