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Sep 8, 2001 07:16 PM

in Wales: Re-post of request for suggestion

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I received one (1) interesting respone originally but I am afraid the post just flew off the screen and am hoping to get some more responses


Going on Honeymoon to Wales.
Spending a couple of days in Swansea and a couple of days in Llandudno.
Will also be spending two days in London at the Berners Hotel which seems to be located on Oxford St.
As four time in Wales, we will not have a car so, but may be tempted to get one.
Any suggestions, tips would be appreciated

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  1. I don't know if you've left already, or if you will pass through Cardiff, but I wanted to put in a pitch for one of the best Indian restaurants I've tried. It's called Juboraj, and if you get a chance, you must go! Happy honeymoon!

    1. If you haven't already left, my principal recommendation would be to get a car, at least for your time in Llandudno. It's a charming town, but once you have walked on the Promenade and High Street, and visited the top of the Great Orme, you will have exhausted its activities. Apart from a visit to Conway castle and Ty bach, which you could do by bus or taxi, the great stuff to do in the area (walking in Snowdonia or on the Denbigh moors) really requires a car.

      The culinary offerings in the area are a bit thin, but a few places are worth the trip. The Queen's Head, an upscale pub between Llandudno and Rhos-on-Sea, has serves creative food with local products, and has won quite a few awards. The Farmer's Arms, outside of Rhuddlan, serves amazing Welsh Lamb, and the owner is unfailingly polite (and sometimes plays the piano). Sidoli's, a cafe in Rhyl, hasn't changed since the 1950s, and serves wondeful vanilla ice cream. Finally, in Llanwrst, up the River Conway from Llandudno, there is a wonderful stone cottage where they serve afternoon tea with fresch scones and clotted butter.