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Sep 7, 2001 10:41 PM

Good Restaraunts in Cologne, Heidelberg, and Colmar

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I'm looking for suggestions for good restaurants in Cologne, Heidelberg, and Colmar.
Leaving soon. Any authentic cuisines?


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  1. Colmar is easy, Cologne is difficult.(Ganz schwierig) But I do have one very nice tradional place to recommend in Cologne. Das Kleine Stapelhauschen down by the river Rhine. Very good food in a very old building. Get a table up the creaky stairs. Address Fischmarkt 1-3.
    Tel. 02 21/257 78 62

    In Colmar center there are many fine offerings. Two that I have dined in often are Le Chaudron, address 5, place du Marche. Tel but you can just drop in for a delightful lunch. It's a small family run place. Also an old favorite for traditional Alsacien cooking is Chez Hansi in the main square just around the corner from Le Chaudron. I used to live not far from Colmar and would like to visit for lunch and the market on my days off. But the key thing to do if you're visiting Alsace is get into the villages. Both Eguisheim and Kaysersberg are just outside of Colmar and should not be missed.

    Can't think off-hand of any particulars re: Heidelberg, but there are alot of great outdoor places with wursts etc. on the main square near the Heiliger Geist Kirche.

    1. I haven't spent a lot of time in any of these places.
      I had a superb dinner at the Hanse Stube (Cologne), one of the most handsome hotel dining rooms in the world. Moissonier is somewhat out of the way but very very good
      In Colmar I agree that for price and quality Chez Hansi
      is quite good.
      In Heidelberg my favorite closed Nothing
      memorable about the rest.